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Friday, April 08, 2011

Blogging on the iPad

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Apple's iPad, image taken from Hellbound Bloggers, hosting by Photobucket A few months back, Walski got himself an iPad. It really is a neat contraption, except for one thing - it doesn't quite help with blogging.

Until now.

Walski is currently trying out an application called BloggerPlus. And it is with this tool that he is writing this post – the draft version of it, at least.

Maybe it's just him getting the hang of the application, but Walski still finds it somewhat limiting.

Then again, it could be him being spoiled by the usual tool he’s been using to blog offline for the last few years – Windows Live Writer.
(the game plan, and more, in the full post)

Incidentally, Wordpress recently released its application for the iPad and iPhone, which is great for WP users. So far, though, there’s not been any news about Blogger – Walski’s platform of choice – for releasing something similar.

And so, for now at least, the game plan will be to draft out a post on the iPad, save it as a draft, then fine-tune the formatting with the regular tools Walski uses.

One of the drawbacks is the text editor, particularly since Walski includes a lot of formatting using HTML. The text editor, unfortunately doesn't have a WSYWIG view, and so any formatting would have to be done by typing in HTML. Anyone who’s done that before will tell you how tedious it can be.

What is good, however, is that this tool allows posts to be saved as drafts. So what Walski will probably do is to compose a draft purely in text form (without formatting or images), then edit the post via his PC, before actually posting it.

More later once Walski has had more play time with the BloggerPlus application...