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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Changes are 12 inches...

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Update August 1, 2010: Massive changes planned have been put on hold for now. See full post for details.

And for most people, 12 inches make a foot...

So, look at the picture below, then do the math.

(explaining the obvious, and more, in the full post)

Kidding aside, Walski has decided that a blog makeover is overdue. It’s been, what, over a year since he’s done any major layout work? Well, whatever the duration, it’s high time.

So, over the course of the next few days, you’ll be seeing this blog transform. Not into Optimus Prime or an 18-wheeler, but transform into a new template. During that time, certain blog elements may seem askew and out of place.

Key thing is – DON’T PANIC. It will still be pretty much the same myAsylum you’ve grown to love. Or loathe, as the case may be. Except that it’ll be in new clothing.

And this time around, Walski has decided that the new clothing this blog wears will be something tailored by Blogger (courtesy of their recently introduced Template Designer). Just so that things Walski adds later work the way they should.

3rd party templates (like the current one) don’t always behave predictably when you add stuff, and quite frankly, Walski doesn’t really have the luxury of time to do troubleshooting these days. The last thing he wants is for visitors to have to put up with a broken, semi-functioning blog.

Except during this brief period of construction, of course.

Finally, in the interest of safety, kindly observe the caution signs while you navigate through the blog while it’s undergoing re-constructive surgery. And please try not to topple the side bars…

Update (August 1, 2008)
Having done some preliminary template tests live on myAsylum, Walski has found that there are a number of unexpected problems that have emerged in deploying a new template. That, and the templates he’s found just don’t reflect the feel Walski’s looking for. Therefore, after due consideration, he’s decided that there should be further testing and analysis done before going live with the new look. And the testing ground for this, as it has traditionally been, will be over at myAsylum reLoaded.

It also means that for the time being, you are gonna be stuck with this template for this blog. Which isn’t all that bad, all things considered…