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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Antares vs. The Plasmodium-bots

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As most of us would’ve already guessed (and secretly hoped), it’s gonna take a lot more than a bunch of puny parasite bots to overcome the fierce warrior-blogger we all know, and love, as Antares.

Walski thought he should post some updates about Antares’ condition, which was reported on some days back. As he’s made the decision to not visit Antares until the guy recovers a bit more, Walski will relay some news he got via other concerned bloggers’ reports.

Beginning with Zorro Unmasked, which received a comment from Belle, daughter to Antares:

I just saw my dad and he managed to open his eyes and even smile!!!! Words can't describe how happy and relieved we are. He's got most of the tubes out and hopefully when we see him again later he won't need any tubes at all. The parasites have been wiped out and they're expecting him to be out of ICU within the next day or two. I told him that everyone is praying for him and sending him love. Thanks so much for all your healing and support. His 60th birthday on Jan 7th will be a day of celebrating his "re-birth" :)
(received in Zorro's comment box at 3:22pm yesterday)

Plasmodium falciparum is the parasite of protozoan proportions that causes Malaria. Nasty buggers they can be. But fortunately, not nasty enough to get a good man down, in this day and age.
(more updates, bloggers who expressed concern, and more, in the full post)

Another blogger, Hawkeye, posted a similar update yesterday.

Antares on the recovery and looking good!

Got news from our medical sources at about 4 pm today and was informed that Antares is recovering well.

For those medically inclined:
Was informed that he had "metabolic acidosis from kidney involvement of Malaria (Plasmodium Falciparum)". He was put on the ventilator and is currently being weaned off it, but still requires to have dialysis

But in general the information is that he is recovering slow and steady and that is good news to me.

Many folks, both online and off, had expressed concern about Antares’ condition, and it’s heartening to note that the man is on the mend. Quite a few bloggers have written posts of positive good wishes include Art Harun, Hawkeye (the above, and here), MarGeeMar, Mary Maguire, Masterwordsmith (here and here, chronologically), Patrick Teoh via Niamah!!!, and even Ku Li (via Twitter), among others. 

There was, however one sicko pseudonymically called Sister Stella who tried to spread a totally bogus story to say that Antares had passed on (see this Zorro Unmasked post). Not at all a nice thing to do.

It’s been a while since Walski’s personally heard of anyone contracting Malaria, but it just goes to show that some diseases, including an ancient one like Malaria, although not as prevalent as before, can still strike.

Them Plasmodium-bots are sure hard as hell to eliminate for good… bloody parasites.

In any case, thanks to all the positive thoughts, good wishes, and prayers that went towards Antares’ general direction. His family truly appreciates it, and I’m sure so does Antares.

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