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Sunday, December 27, 2009

On a wing and a prayer

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Updated @ December 28th 1646 hrs: Got to know via Art Harun's Facebook page that Antares' condition is steadily improving. He quotes a message from one of the daughters: "Just saw my dad and he managed to open his eyes and even smile!....He's got most of the tubes out..... The parasites have been wiped out and they're expecting him to be out of ICU within the next day or two. I told him that everyone is praying for him and sending him love. Thanks ...".

Updated @ December 27th 2024 hrs: Latest news on Antares, taken from a comment posted by Zorro on his own blog, relaying a message from one of Antares’ daughters, Moonlake Lee. His condition is improving, but he’s not out of the woods, yet. See the comment excerpt at the end of this post.

Original Post:
Today, December 27th, makes it exactly one year to the day that Walski met Antares, Earth-spirit mystic, and keeper of Magick River (both the physical and online manifestations), for the first, and only, time.

It was in Penang, where Walski was spending time with the in-laws, and Antares was spiritually officiating an art show, where the image above was captured. Walski was given the task to fetch Antares from the art show, and to physically transport him to dinner, graciously hosted by Masterwordsmith and her lovely family.

Well, as you probably would already have heard, either thru Art Harun’s or Uncle Zorro’s blogposts, Antares is very ill, struggling to fight off an extremely bad case of malaria..

The little angel may be inanimate and made of clay, but it represents the positivity and good wishes that Walski’s trying hard to transmit, for Antares’ speedy recovery. 
(the cartoonist formerly known as Kit Leee, and more, in the full post)

Antares in healthier times, image hosting by Photobucket If you’ve ever met Antares, you’ll probably either like, or totally dislike, him. Very few people Walski knows have an in-between feeling for the guy.

As an activist, Antares is very passionate about how he feels, be it for the cause of the peoples of the land and their fast-disappearing culture and habitat, or for our nation, Malaysia.

That, and the fact Antares is a bit of an eccentric person. Which is okay as far as Walski is concerned, because he realizes that creativity takes many forms in real life. But probably not so comfortable for others.

Be that as it may, last Walski heard, Anatares is still at the Sungai Buloh General Hospital, suffering not only a bad case of malaria, but from renal failure as well, a complication that developed while he was hospitalized.

Those of you who know him personally will probably know that Antares is the current persona of a well-known cartoonist of old, named Kit Leee, author/artist of the Adoi! cartoons. Those of you born after 1990 may not have heard of Kit Leee, even though you know of Antares.

Everyone has a history, as they say…

For now, however, Walski hopes that you focus your positivity and good thoughts in the general direction of the Sungei Buloh hospital. So well-known and noticed is the man’s dedication towards a better Malaysia, it’s even gotten the notice of another notable Malaysian.

Get well soon, Antares…

The following is an excerpt of a comment taken from Zorro Unmasked, by one of Antares' daughters (slightly edited for punctuation).

Hi Everyone,

This is Moon, Antares' daughter. My sister, Belle and I, would like to thank everyone who has showed concern and love for our dad. Thanks for all your concern

Our dad's condition has improved but he is still in critical condition and not out of the woods yet. Please keep up the prayers and healing wishes.

Please note that he is under sedation (i.e not conscious) and in a weakened state. The doctors have advised to limit visits to immediate family for the time being - this is to minimize risk of infection to him.

My dad would be happier to see his friends when he is able to interact with them - not at this stage. You are most welcome to visit once he is out of the ICU and in the normal ward.

My sis and I will post updates on his Facebook wall so you can check there regularly to see how he is doing.

Thanks again for all the love and concern. We appreciate it and we know Antares does too.

(source: Zorro Unmasked)

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