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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Political cramps

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Seriously – who needs real life, when politics can be stranger than fiction?

Najib finds new Indian allies, bypasses the MIC
by Baradan Kuppusamy

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 24 — The invitation card is glossy, in gold colour and of superior quality, in keeping with the VIP who is guest of honour at the Oct 10 launch of the new kid on the block — the Parti Makkal Sakti Malaysia.

R.S. Thanenthiran, president of PMS, image taken from The Malaysian Insider, hosting by Photobucket The VIP will be Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who appears to be signalling that he is not going to solely depend on Barisan Nasional (BN) stalwart parties like the MIC and MCA to reach out to the non-Malay communities.

He will launch the new Indian-based party formed by former leaders of Hindraf at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park in Serdang next month in a strategy which bears similarities to his father Tun Razak Hussein's move in the 1970s to welcome more political parties into the establishment fold.

(source: The Malaysian Insider)

Per capita, the Indian demographics seems to have their unfair share of political parties (supposedly) championing them – MIC, PPP… and now Parti Makkal Sakti – PMS.

Yes, by some stroke of divine comical providence, the fledgling political party will share its acronym with that once-a-month, dreadfully painful female affliction – which also affects males within spitting distance, incidentally.

Was Hindraf really such an unbearable pain, that BN had to embrace PMS instead?
(the pain, the pain, and more, in the full post)

As if the acronym weren’t bad enough, they’re going to launch the party at an Agro Exposition Park. Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn out to be just a load of political bull.

And more puns fully intended – is PMS going to one day cramp MIC’s style?

Yes, one can really go to town with this… and Walski intends to do just that. Even its full name can be a source of comedic faux pas – like, if Sakti was to be misspelled as Sakit.

Letting his imagination run even more wild – if Parti Makkal Sakti were to be modeled after its BN counterpart, UMNO (which, Walski thinks, will be the case), are we going to also see the emergence of Pemuda PMS, Putera/Puteri PMS, and… get this – Wanita PMS?

It does make Walski wonder, though. When can a Puteri PMS member graduate into Wanita PMS? It would be kinda pointless if it were after menopause, one would imagine.

Within BN, though, it’s bad enough that PPP is these days pretty much a Powerless Peoples’ Party. Walski wonders if MIC is also going to suffer a similar fate, once PMS rages through the coalition.

Or, is PMS going to be more a politically subdued entity? Like, hearing from them only about once a month or so? But when you do hear from them, you’ll probably be compelled to pay attention.

But actually, Walski is not a bit surprised that Najib has decided to support a 3rd Indian political front within the BN fold – assuming that PMS will be assimilated. Najib, like Walski, has probably had it up to here with the MIC theatrics and geriatrics. And PPP being PPP… well, a third front makes perfect sense.

And Najib probably likes the idea of PMS being part of the Malaysian political landscape [insert your own Rosmah joke here], even though it’s already acne-blemished as it is.

Seriously, though – the existence of a third Indian-ethnocentric political entity within the BN coalition is bound to raise all sorts of interesting symptoms… err, scenarios.

Like making BN experience even more bloating that it already suffers from – we’re talking about what, 13 member parties now? Add PMS, and it’ll be 14. Now, that’s a number that probably won’t be popular with the Chinese-based components.

It’s already almost a given that there will be severe irritability within MIC and PPP, once PMS takes root. Walski’s already mentioned the possibility of PMS cramping MIC’s style. Which then will lead to a whole lot of stress and headaches within the bosoms of BN. As if it doesn’t already have a butt-load of anxiety

Then again, this is politics we’re talking about – an area of life that’s very prone to mood swings.

Should the day come that BN has just about had enough of PMS, are we going to see the emergence of another new political Indian entity? Something like, say, the Malaysian Indian Democratic Oratorical League – or MIDOL, for short?

And if you do feel cramping in your abdominal area after reading this, let’s just hope that it’s not PMS

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