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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A challenge to Zulkifli's noggin

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This was suggested by one of Walski’s friends. And he, in turn thought that it was an excellent idea.

It pertains to Zulkifli Noordin, PKR MP for Kulim Bandar Baru and his incessant attacks on certain people, on the pretext that he’s “destined” to defend Islam.

Let’s have a look see whom exactly he’s been lambasting lately…

Okay, there’s Latifah Koya in relation to the Bar Council forum protest last August, which he was actively protesting.

Then, he objected against the reinstatement of Elizabeth Wong, and distanced himself from his party, PKR.

More recently, he took a swipe at Chew Mei Fun over her condemning the dress code decision by the Kota Bharu Municipal Council to impose a sportswear dress code.

Of course, there’s the now infamous IWK suggestion relating to supporting PAS’s call for investigating and possibly banning SIS.

Hey… it’s all been against the fairer sex, it appears. And it is exactly this epiphany that Walski’s friend had.

Which makes Zulkifli Noordin either a misogynist, or a bully. 
(the challenge, and more, in the full post)

Now, Zul, here’s an excellent opportunity for you to redeem yourself. To show just really how MAN you are.

And it has to do with what Anwar Ibrahim had said about the resolution passed by PAS during their muzakarah (via Malaysiakini).

On a separate matter, the Pakatan leader said he disagreed with PAS’ call for the National Fatwa Council to ban prominent women’s organisation Sisters In Islam (SIS) for its ‘liberal’ views.

“I don’t agree with the issue of simply banning any movements for no good reason as we support the principle of freedom,” said Anwar briefly.
(source: Malaysiakini, subscription required)

Well, Zul... what are you waiting for? Doesn’t Anwar Ibrahim, too, deserve to bear the brunt of your Defender of Islam superpower laser-mouth? And while you’re at it, include Mustaffa Kamil Ayub and Jonson Chong, both from your party, for having the audacity to not support the PAS resolution (via Malaysiakini).

Yeah, yeah… they’re all men. Walski knows that. But hey, it’s your destiny! Right?

Or is that bravado only reserved for those whom you consider weaker?

Take your time… no need to answer Walski’s challenge immediately. In fact, take your lil’ white hat off and let some blood circulation back into your noggin while you think about it.

But at some point we’d really expect to see you display your supreme jantan-ness.

So, please – don’t let us down.