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Friday, May 08, 2009

Top 10 Threats to Malaysian national security

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Couldn’t help but notice this statement by our newly installed Minister of Insecure Internals (via The Star):

On the arrests made by police outside the state assembly, Hishammuddin said people had been warned beforehand against gathering at the venue.

He said if the police had failed to do so (take action), they would be answerable to the people and to him.

The people, he said, should not resort to doing things that threatened the country’s stability.

(source: The Star)

Which got Walski thinking… and thus, another Top Ten list was born! 
(Top 10 List, and more, in the full post)

So, here we go… in Letterman-fashion top down disorder. Drum roll, please…

10. Butter cake

9. Candles – especially the burning vigilant ones

8. Democracy – except for the mysterious “higher principles” of it

7. Black t-shirts

6. Three, or more, people gathered illegally to have breakfast

5. Dead Mongolian birthday girls (via Magick River)

4. Tyranny of the minority (via The Malaysian Insider) – only the majority may be tyrants

3. Lawyers with access to their clients (via Wong Chun Wai's NEW MALAYSIA)

2. Non-Utusan Journalists (i.e. those with intelligence)

And the Number 1 threat to Malaysian National Security:
(of the truly united variety – why else do you think Jakim wants poke their nose into it? [via The Nut Graph])