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Friday, May 01, 2009

A day of (theoretically) no Labour

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Image taken from, hosting by Photobucket As you may have noticed, Walski is more prone to spell words the American English way. It’s really more economical, without the extraneous vowels here and there. But today, Walski will make an exception.

So, Happy Labour Day, people. And for those expecting mothers about to deliver today, doubly so.

Okay – back to normalcy. The history of why May 1st can be read here (via Wikipedia).

The US, however, celebrates Labor Day on the first Monday in September every year. There’s some history associated with why that day, which Walski will leave to you lot to read up, if you want. Generally, however, Labor Day (from what Walski remembers when living there) is the last good barbecue holiday, before it starts to get cold.

In any case, today is a day of rest. For most people, that is. And a long weekend, to boot. Which only means that the North-South Expressway is one to avoid on Sunday, when everyone rushes back to the city.

Walski? Well, it’s a weekend of work, but not of his day-job kind… It’s gonna be a weekend of cooking, and entertaining – for his other job.
(entertaining is work, too, in the full post)

What other job, you ask? Well, suffice it to say, that in addition to his day job at the office, Walski and the Mrs run a couple of businesses on the side, and we’ve earmarked this weekend for some in-home entertaining of potential clients. And the business? Fine arts related, as some of you already know. ‘Nuff said, he thinks.

More importantly, Walski mentions this because for the rest of the weekend, there may be somewhat of a dearth of new posts. Just to forewarn you.

And so, for the lot of you, Walski hopes the extended weekend allows you to get that much needed breather from work, and also hopes that you don’t get tangled up in the heavier than normal long distance traffic that’s common during such extended weekends.

On that note… enjoy the maxi-weekend!