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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Press Release: This blog has been cleansed

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We are pleased to announce that effective immediately, this blog has been cleansed of any subversive, anti-nationalistic or dangerously independent ideas.

HIDUP BN! HIDUP MALAYSIA!After months of attempting to re-educate the previous owner, an anonymous coward by the name of Walski69, we the new owners have forced our way in through the back door and taken over this blog.

The un-patriotic mutant Walski has been exiled, and we will soon be filing a police report to ensure that justice is served. Failing any action on the part of the police, we will lynch the bastard anyway.

In due time, we will be totally reformatting this weblog to be more in tuned with loyalty to Barisan Nasional, the true measure of patriotism for all peace loving and loyal Malaysians.

Let this blog takeover be a warning to anyone in the Malaysian blogosphere who dares to think that undesirable ideas such as equality and human rights will be tolerated in Malaysia, under the leadership of Barisan Nasional.
(remainder of this press release, in the full post)

We also soon be instituting a new commenting policy – any comments that have anti-BN (therefore unpatriotic) sentiments shall be deleted. Furthermore, the commenter leaving such offending remarks shall be banned from commenting again.

This move is necessary to preserve the patriotic new outlook of this blog.

To officially complete the new ownership, we The New Management will shortly be having an audience with Blogger, to obtain their consent. After that, massive changes shall take place, including the removal of any old posts that we deem to be subversive.

Berkhidmat untuk Negara!

The New Management

p.s. due to Blogger technical constraints, this post is still attributed to the old owner.