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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Emergency standing...

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Perak assemblymen under a tree,

Ok... not quite doing that, Walski's certain. But he couldn't resist the temptation. Having the emergency sitting - or is it standing? - under the tree also made obsolete the Rajinikanth-to-the-rescue idea Walski had earlier.

Image hosting by PhotobucketTaken from The Malaysian Insider, who put it best:
"No entry, no problem..."

Apparently, under some parliamentary standing orders (pun unavoidable) the sitting (while standing) can be conducted anywhere, and not necessarily in the physical confines of the state assembly hall.

Walski wonders if this is the first ever alfresco legislative meeting anywhere in the world. He also wonders if the phrases "usul pokok yang perlu dibincang" or "pokoknya, kita perlu menetapkan..." were used during the meeting. Making puns in Bahasa Malaysia is not impossible, only difficult. And so, when any opportunity presents itself...

The important thing, however, is that the emergency legislative session went ahead, as planned, and passed two emergency resolutions that were intended. As planned.

When life gives you lemons... yesterday, the Perak assembly made lemon meringue pie. And then washed it down with lemonade. 
(d'solution is dissolution, and more, in the full post)

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini today reported that the court has granted a restraining against Perak state speaker V. Sivakumar, preventing him from "any unlawful meetings purporting to be state assemblies" (source: Malaysiakini, subscription required).

Walski wonders what happened to separation of powers - Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. Oh, wait... this is Malaysia we're talking about. More specifically, Perak - which is one ugly mess. What's another potential constitutional crisis thrown into the mix, right?

It really makes him wonder though. Why is the new BN state government so afraid of going to the polls? Especially if Zambry has stated that it is a government for all the people of Perak - except maybe for the Orang Asli, whose land once again is at risk of being raped and plundered (via Magick River).

It's not a foregone conclusion that BN will lose again, if fresh polls are called for. Based on observed sentiment it may appear that way, but poll results are never a foregone conclusion. Unless BN, too, believes that it has as much chance as that of a snowball surviving Hell.

The solution to the impasse in Perak is simple - dissolution of the state assembly, and re-election. It's staring everyone in the face, and it's a matter of whether the parties involved dare to implement the solution, or not. BN seems to be in the "or not" camp, from their recent actions trying every single avenue to stop the state government from being dissolved.

The Star reports today that Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, the semi-deposed Chief Minister of the troubled Silver State, will seek an audience with the Sultan, present the resolutions passed yesterday, and ask for the ruler's consent to dissolve the state government. This, of course, will mean fresh elections.

Walski believes this it's the only way out of this mess. The other alternative he's heard mentioned - declaration of Emergency Rule... well, all Walski can say is, let's not even go there. It will set a precedence that will be more damaging than helpful. Not just to Perak, but the entire country.

If BN believes that they have the people's mandate in Perak, then they should put the money where their mouth is. You know... talk is cheap, the proof of the pudding... all that jazz.

And don't just take Walski's say so. Even an UMNO stalwart agrees...