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Friday, February 13, 2009


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Reading the post title, right about now, you're probably going... HUH?!?

Image hosting by PhotobucketPerhaps some explaining is in order... and the significance of the graphic used for this post. All in good time, kiddies...

The first YAPP stands for Yet Another Perak Poll. Yes, there have already been a few done in the last few days, to assess the feelings of the people on the ground about what's been going on in Perak.

The first one that Walski came across was conducted by earlier this week, with the results announced yesterday (emphasis by myAsylum).

A survey conducted by Malaysiakini saw an overwhelming majority of readers disagreeing with Sultan Azlan Shah's decision in the transfer of power in the silver state.

A total of
34,617 out of 39,411 readers, or 87.8 percent said they were against the sultan's decision in the four-day survey which ended yesterday.

3,862 (9.8 percent) survey respondents said they agreed with the sultan's decision while 932 readers (2.4 percent) answered "Don't know".
(source: Malaysiakini, subscription required)

Now, you might be thinking that the Malaysiakini poll may not be representative of what the people of Perak think. And you're probably right - unless, of course, all of Malaysiakini's readership live in Perak, or are from the state. Not likely, Walski thinks.

What it does indicate is the view of Malaysiakini's readership at large. Which arguably probably isn't very objective. 
(but another poll tells the same story, and the other YAPP, in the full post)

But before you can jump up and down with joyous uncertainty, and shout "Hidup BN", the result of another poll has been announced by The Malaysian Insider. And this time, it's more representative of what the Perak folks think.

It doesn't get anymore representative than this, folks. Walski can't wait to see how the Merdeka Centre's poll will be reported in the mainstream media (MSM). Or if it gets reported at all.

After all, why would the mainstream media want to rock the boat telling the world how the people of Perak really feel about the true democratic process that's just been shoved down their throat, right?

Which brings Walski to myAsylum's on poll - which of the two do you think is the legitimate Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) of Perak? Not that it matters an iota in the real world, but Walski's merely curious as to what y'all think. The poll can be found where you usually expect to find it, in the sidebar on the right, and you have until the end of February to cast your opinion.

And speaking of the new poll, you're probably wondering what the other YAPP stands for, right? Well, it's the abbreviated form of Yet Another Poll Platform.

If you've been visiting this blog with any degree of regularity, you'll have noticed that the new poll is on a different platform - from, to be exact. Walski thought that it was high time that he tried a different platform from the one that he's been using for the past year or so.

It looks oh so much more Web 2.0, don't you think?

So, tell Walski what your opinion is. And incidentally, the new poll system allows you to insert comments after you've voted, so if you've got something more to say, go for it.