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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Last Post (Part 2)

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Walski probably owes you folks an apology for Part 1 of the Last Post. It was perhaps a tad bit too over-dramatic, abrupt and to some, even disconcerting.

Having come to his senses - a little - he feels that some explanation is in order. Particularly as to what the Last Post was NOT about. And there's a longish list of things that post didn't mean to convey (but inadvertently did).

First off, Walski is not feeling suicidal. This might come as a big disappointment to some of you, particularly to some of the vipers that inhabit a nut-case virtual cesspit called KMU. Yes, Azreen, Walski knows damn well that you've been campaigning against myAsylum on the KMU Forum. Dickhead coward that you are, you've obviously deleted the forum thread since then.

And what exactly are you thanking God for?
(Part 2 continues, in the full post)

Are you thanking Him for one less person to try to wake you (and your vipery kind) out of your delusional slumber that will one day consume and obliterate the race you hold on so dearly to?Having obviously been brought up to think that the rest of the world owes you a living, Walski forgives you. The subsidy mentality is a difficult dependency to break. Blindness and stupidity gets you nowhere fast, buddy. Except maybe off a cliff. Headfirst, preferably.

So no, the decision to put myAsylum on indefinite hiatus has not been influenced by myKMU - a.k.a the Vipers' Pit of Village Idiots - at all. Not one iota.

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Another thing that the Last Post was not about is quitting. And, "indefinite hiatus" does not equate to quitting. And appearances can be deceiving. Quitting, plain and simple, is for losers.

The truth is that here are certain aspects of Walski's life that are kinda out of sync and out of whack, and it's the priority of putting his personal life back on track that has to take precedence in this case.

To everyone kind & caring enough to leave a comment, and e-mails, Walski would like to express his gratitude. It's always gratifying to know that what he does is appreciated, even if it is by a scant handful.

Thanks, folks. And a fond adieu. For now.

So yeah, God's gift of profane analysis that He's bestowed upon Walski won't just be chucked out the window. That would be an act of ungratefulness. Plus, there are a few promised write ups that haven't been delivered. Yet.

Another gift the Big Guy's given to Walski is the ability to deconstruct and reassemble (some parts purchased separately). For which Walski's also grateful for and doesn't intend to abandon.

Walski will be back, for sure. But don't wait up - it'll happen when it happens.