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Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Viper's Pit of Village Idiots

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Jaguh Kampung may not exactly translate to Village Idiot (it literally means 'village champion'). But for the purposes of this post, Village Idiot fits the bill better, Walski thinks.

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And on the internet, there probably isn't any other site where you could find a more comprehensive collection of them.

The acronym KMU stands for Kumpulan Menyokong UMNO (UMNO Supporters Group).  is, for the most part, a news & analysis portal site, and also has a forum associated with it. What's published is not necessarily the official UMNO-speak, but the voices of the party's "virtual" supporters - whether or not they're actually party members is another matter. 

If Walski were to profile KMU politically, it would be that the site is, for the most part, anti AAB/KJ, pro Mahathir and Najib. And also very friendly to the former chief minister of Selangor, Khir Toyo. You sort of pick up on these vibes looking at some of the articles and analysis (a term Walski uses very loosely, mind you). 

But the most venomous tone of comes from its forum, where the Village Idiots gather to vent, rant, and in general, make total fools of themselves, through their deep intellectual shallowness...

This is not a rant calling for the curtailment of myKMU in any way, incidentally. 

In fact, as far as Walski is concerned, serves a very important purpose in this world-weary corner of cyberspace.

Politically incorrect, race-overtone, intelligence-undertoned humor. Written word slapstick at its most unintelligent best.
(blah-blah-blah, in the full post)

It serves another purpose, too - displaying the mindset of a typical pro-UMNO Village Idiot. Which is not to say all Malays, but only those who inhabit this particular viper's pit of village idiots.

Here are some recent classic quotes that Walski found...

bila kafir mempersoalkan fatwa
This is with regards to the recent Tomboy fatwa, which incidentally a number of Muslims have spoken out against, since it's over-reaching and over-generalized and does open Muslim women to possible persecution: the short-hair = tomboy = lesbian sort of simple-minded equation. The forum thread was the posting of a link to the YouTube Malaysiakini video of the protest of the fatwa.

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Loosely translated: "these immigrants are getting bolder, aren't they, questioning the rights of Muslims, fatwa from Ulama, only one thing I want to say, this propaganda is to weaken Muslims, Malay Muslims have to rise united, otherwise more pressure from these insolent non Muslims"

Walski reckons, by this benchmark, that the ideal Malay Muslim is to accept, without question, any and every fatwa or opinion from the ulama... bend over buddy, and take it like a true Muslim... ROTFLOL...

The argument, of course, falls flat on its face, since participating in the protest were also aggrieved Muslim women... but hey, who's Walski to question myKMU true believers, right?
Kenapa bukan Melayu tak boleh jadi PM? Implikasi Obama
Although there is nothing in the Federal Constitution, as far as Walski knows, that pevents a non-Malay or non-Muslim from becoming Prime Minister, the Village Idiots at myKMU seem to think otherwise. Even better - the Prime Minister MUST be from UMNO, opines some of the Village Idiots there. Of course, none of the Village Idiots went as far as stating exactly where in the Constitution says so, because that would actually be an intelligent thing to do. Village Idiots aren't usually known for their mental prowess, or logical reasoning, after all.

Race is, of course, central to the arguments these Village Idiots make. Race is not everything... it's the only thing. Oh, and religion, too. Meritocracy and ability? Naah... who needs those infidel concepts as long as someone's race and/or religion are the correct ones...

There are other examples Walski could quote, perhaps, but that would really be a waste of time and effort - two commodities Walski is short of these days.

The point is that this site does provide Walski with a lot of entertainment, especially when the arguments take into account a single race/religion viewpoint, almost oblivious to the fact that the real world is more complex and comprehensive.

Village Idiots - you really have to love 'em. Their simplicity and simple-mindedness... perhaps best examplified by this Monty Python skit.

Change the skin tone, the country, and the language, and Walski can almost imagine what the myKMU membership might look like...

Hidup Vilage Idiots!!