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Friday, October 31, 2008

Walski's Halloween Gift

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Actually, there are 2 gifts that Walski has given to y'all.

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First, of course, is the Halloween-ish banner decor, which will change from time to time. Keeping with the season and all... subject to the important contraints of time, of course. The banner will stay Halloween-ish for a few more days, at least, or until Walski gets tired of it.

But the second "gift" is perhaps the one that you Anonymous comment-snipers will probably hate Walski for...
(a minor change in commenting policy, and more, in the full post)

Walski actually welcomes all kinds of comments, negative, positive, idiotic... on the condition that you at least have a paper trail (or cyber-trail as the case may be). And no, Walski has decided to not do the conventional comment moderation thingy. Instead, fulfilling either one of the three simple conditions below allows you to comment on myAsylum posts:

  • use your Blogger username/ID
  • use your Google account, or
  • use an OpenID

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this had to happen sooner or later. And it's happening for a couple of reasons. Occassionally, this blog (like many other blogs), gets hit by the Legion of Spam - someone, or a few someones, that have nothing better to do in life than to go around blogs and leaving long comments which are nothing but spam. Interesting spam, but spam nonetheless.

The second reason, commenters who are probably cyber-troopers in Anonymous clothing. So yeah, you wanna leave threatening and/or abusive comments, go right ahead, but you gotta do a little bit of work first. Fair, no?

This new policy change may just cause the number of comments to drop drastically, but hey... it's done, so don't whinge about it...

Oh, and about the comments that you leave... Walski reads each and every one of them, but of late, he's not really had the luxury of time to respond. So yeah, when he can, Walski will still respond via to your comments, but if he doesn't, rest assured that they're read.