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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Poll Position: And the Most Hated Malaysian is...

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Yes, boys and girls, it's official.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAnd seriously, what's there to NOT hate?

This is probably a bonus for the man, after retaining his UMNO Kota Tinggi division head post, uncontested, after his challenger A. Malek Daing A. Rahaman was suspended from the party for "offenses under the code of conduct" (via The Sun). What timing!
(poll result analysis, and more, in the full post)

Apparently, Malek had secured 23 nominations versus Syed Hamid's 21. Walski's not suggesting that there were any hidden hands leading to the suspension, but boy... what impeccable timing, huh? And now, being voted Malaysia's Most Hated... except maybe in Kota Tinggi. But then, they didn't have much of a choice after the suspension, now, did they?

In any case, here's how the polling worked: each of the participants in the poll could select up to 5 choices of Malaysia's Most Hated. A total of 274 voted - Walski had hoped the number could have been bigger, but nonetheless, we'll stick to the results.

Just like in a "guided" democracy - the results are exactly what Walski wanted to happen anyway. And no, there was absolutely no cheating or result manipulation involved. Although, it must be said that there was at least one participant who wanted to use all 5 choices on Syed Hamid. Hmm... tempting, tempting...

In any case, what's also interesting is whom else was chosen, accompanying Syed Hamid to make up the top 4 choices: the PM, PM-wannabe, and future PM-wannabe... and all big supremos in UMNO. Which goes to show just how much UMNO is loved these days... Not!

So, congratulations Syed Hamid Albar... you are now, officially, Malaysia's Most Hated.... It's no wonder you don't have a Hari Raya open house this time around...