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Friday, October 03, 2008

Darwinian Tragedy

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Walski's seemingly-insensitive defense forenote: Death is never a laughing matter. But sometimes, incidents like this one just makes Walski go "WTF?!?". Which is about when Darwin comes to the rescue...

About a couple of weeks ago, the Guardian UK reported that the Church of England had recently launched a series of articles, as a way of recognizing its faults and making a very belated apology to Charles Darwin, eminent English naturalist. Darwin is, of course, the author of "On the Origin of Species" - a controversial body of work that paved the way to creating a tussle between Darwinian and Creationist points of view regarding human evolution.

But an important Darwinian concept that perseveres, and is generally accepted even to this day, is the Theory of Natural Selection. In a nutshell, the theory states that a species will adpat and evolve according to the surrounding environmental conditions for survival, and only the fittest will usually survive. Something or other along those lines...

And this morning, Walski caugt a glimpse at how Natural Selection sometimes works on humans, in addition to other living organisms on planet Earth (via The Star).

It's in cases like these where Darwin's assertion that man evolved from apes almost makes sense...
(survival of the LEAST idiotic, and more, in the full post)

Normally, Walski would not expect helmets and broomsticks to both appear in the same sentence. Okay, maybe in a Public Service message for witch safety consciousness. But surely not in the Malaysian mainstream media. Then again, this would not be the first time Walski's proven wrong.

It is, however, interesting that The Star article reports that "both families are believed to have recently joined a cult". When all else fails, blame it on some cult. As if there weren't other more plausible explanations. Like the fact both families were probably total morons for agreeing to something so ludicrous, for instance.

The NST version of the same story (via PDF) provides some added details. Like the fact the deceased male was trying to kick a chain-smoking habit, and that his also-dead spouse was suffering from a liver ailment. Well, the good news is that both are now cured. The bad news? Death cures all...

It is also reported that the family member who suggested the ritual, a 23 year-old, has a case of mental illness. How the rest of the family could've missed that fact remains a mystery.

Or maybe not so big a mystery, if you take Natural Selection into account. Or in this case, survival of the least idiotic. Darwin, once again, is proven correct. With the help of helmets and broomsticks. 

Idiocy, when taken seriously, can literally lead you to extinction.