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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A September to Remember?

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Walski's inspirational acknowledgement forenote: Walski's thanks goes to blogger buddy Antares (via Facebook), for inspiring Walski to do this post. It's a simple note he wrote, about changing his mobile phone number, which got Walski's mind wandering...

As the months of the year go, September has historically been... well, historical. 9/11? September. The Great London Fire of 1666? Yup, September, too. Walski's mom's birthday? You guessed it - September... Hey! You wouldn't be reading this if it weren't for her, okay? So, hell yeah, she's historically important, too...

But is this year's September going to be historical as well?

Image hosting by PhotobucketIs the September 16 thing gonna happen? Take the poll...

And that, sports fans, lays the foundation for the new myAsylum straw poll - is Malaysia going to wake up to a new government, come September 16th?
(bite Walski's poll, and more, in the full post)

So yeah... pitch in your opinion. Bite Walski's Poll. Walski really wants to know what you think. And pass the word around, won't ya? Let's get as many netizens voice their opinion on this one. Okay? And yes, Walski will owe you one.

The poll, incidentally, is on the sidebar, where you'd usually expect to find it.

And why is Walski so eager to know? Well, to say that the momentum and expectation on whether or not September 16th will happen or not is mounting, would be an understatement. In fact, it would be an understated understatement.

Bragging from PKR aside, there are other indications that September 16th could be an historical turning point. Reading the news of late, UMNO is really getting adept at pissing off it's BN allies. Scoring own goals, as political pundits have termed it. Walski won't detail each and every news item here, but you probably know what Walski's on about.

It's not just individual politicians that might jump across the political divide, but entire component parties. That's what folks are murmurring these days...

Well, there you have it... the latest poll. And why. Now, what say you... is it going to be a September to Remember?