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Thursday, August 07, 2008


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Update @ August 8 1:33pm: Walski, in respecting Mob1900's intellectual ownership of the poster (see comments), has updated said poster below to reflect right-side up amendments Mob had made. Apparently, many Malaysians feel that an upside down Jalur Gemilang is disrespectful, regardless of what an upside-down flag represents (see full post).

myAsylum, like a number of Malaysia-related blogs, would like to convey its feeling of distress. Until further notice, the banner pix you see at the top of the page remains. This initiative of visually displaying displeasure was initiated by Kickdefella, the original blog poster boy - and Walski is in full support.

Incidentally, a fellow blogger was arrested last night. On the grounds of sedition, it seems. He's the dude that broke the story on the secret talks between UMNO and PAS. Abdul Rashid Abdul Bakar, aka Bakaq aka Penarik Beca, last night was arrested from his home just outside Kuala Lumpur. His computer, it is believed, was siezed as well. Poster is courtesy of the current blog poster boy, Mob1900.

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Add that to the many other things to feel distressed about.
(Walski is not being disrespectful, and more, in the full post)

Incidentally, flying a flag bottom side up is an internationally recognized symbol of distress - it is not meant to disrespect the Jalur Gemilang, in this case. The flag has done nothing wrong. The government, for which the flag purportedly represents, has. Big time.

The state of things in the nation are far from rosy...