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Thursday, August 07, 2008


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It escaped Walski's memory this morning, until one important worm signs was sighted, reminding him that Anwar was going to be charged in court this morning - police roadblocks at key entry points to Kuala Lumpur.

The police, it would seem have way too damn much time on their hands. The only thing the roadblocks have achieved is causing massive gridlocks in the capital city. It's not very clear what exactly these morons were on the lookout for, because all they did was stand by and admire the massive traffic jam they had created.

Oh, but one pick-up truck carrying a collapsable ladder was stopped at the Jalan Duta NKVE toll police funnel. Presumably on the grounds that it was not a very nice looking ladder, all rusted and shit. Or were the pigs thinking "Projectile Alert! Projectile Alert!"

Meanwhile, in the more important real world...

Image hosting by Photobucket(courtesy of Aisheman)

Oh, what a wonderfully fucked up country we live in. And no, Walski will never forget, either.
(if only more effort were put on fighting real crime, and more, in the full post)

So here's the deal - one day before the world watches in awe the spectacular opening of the Beijing Olympics, the world gets awed by the sheer stupidity of the police, carrying out the orders of an embattled government desperate to regain support of the people...

... by ensuring that Kuala Lumpur gets locked down in traffic gridlock.

As of 10:14am today, it's been about a month short of a year since the body of Nurin was found. And the case remains unsolved. But not for lack of police resources, one would guess.

The prospect of flying the Malaysian flag in distress mode is getting more and more attractive...