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Thursday, June 26, 2008

An X-quisite surprise...

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Walski woke up this morning to find something rather surprising in his e-mail. Actually, a comment left on a previous post, which came in thru the mail.

Image hosting by PhotobucketmyAsylum gets nominated...

Yes, myAsylum has been nominated for the Greatest Malaysian Blog (Anonymous) Group B category, in an opinion poll cum contest, conducted by the X opinions blog. Walski's myAsylum, mind you... as opposed to somebody else's (snicker...).

the X opinions, incidentally, is part of the X Inc. family of blogs, run by... you guessed it... Mr. X. Currently the only other blog is the X stories which features Mr. X's thoughts on various things. This is one that Walski will check out in due time... when time permits, that is.

In any case, Walski would like to say Thank You to Mr. X for the kind nomination...
(Xtreme joy, Xuberance, and Xmore, in the full post)

Co-nominees, in both the English A and B groups (because there are a lot of quality anonymous Malaysian blogs in English, so says Mr. X), are perhaps the who's who of anonymous Malaysian blogging, including many of Walski's blogging buddies, like KTemoc, Howsy, Lulu, Antares (who's not exactly anonymous), Mob1900... just to name a few.

Well, definitely go to the site and vote for whom you think is worthy of the crown. Not sure what the prize(s) would be though... other than bragging rights, of course.

But hey... getting nominated, to Walski, is an honor in itself.

By the way, the X opinions has a shitload of other surveys, polls and blog category contests for you to vote. And by shitload, Walski means a whole heckuva lot! And once Mr. X has gotten done with "The Best" series, don't be surprised if "The Worst Of" polls start appearing, too. All in due time, Walski thinks.

Go check 'em all out when, and if, you can.