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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fighting fire with fire

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A press conference will be held today at around 1pm at the Quality Hotel in Shah Alam, where Anwar Ibrahim will give a statement concerning the latest allegations against him for sodomy. Sodomy, Round 2.

As Clipmarks has clipped off a lot of what Walski wanted to convey, the following is the rest of the excerpt which he intended to include above.

Yesterday Anwar had said that he had evidence implicating IGP Musa Hassan and AG Abdul Gani Patail in misconduct, including fabrication of evidence in the cases launched against him after his sacking from the government in 1998.

He added that a fresh police report lodged against him for sodomy was a result of "interested parties to attack me in retaliation" over this evidence in his possession.

The report alleging sodomy was filed by Anwar's aide, 23-year-old Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, yesterday.

Anwar yesterday had claimed that the accusation against him was fabricated. PKR also said that Saiful was arrested and forced by the police to lodge such a report against Anwar.

(source: Malaysiakini - subscription required)

Desperate times call for desperate measures. BN is obviously finding themselves backed against the wall, with claims from the PKR de facto numero uno that BN will lose their simple majority in Parliament. Not once, but several times.
(early morning press conference, and more, in the full post)

The following video, taken off of YouTube, is the press conference conducted around 2am this morning.

Stay tuned for more news as and when they are released on this interesting turn of events. Many have labelled this new round of allegations as a desperate measure to take Anwar Ibrahim out of the Malaysian political equation.

Where does the truth really lie? In politics, that perhaps is one of the most difficult questions to answer. It's all about interpreting the differenet grey areas.