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Sunday, April 27, 2008

On the move... escaping trash

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Image hosting by PhotobucketOne of the main reasons why this past week has been slow - in terms of postings - is that Walski's office was in the midst of moving. Moving house is one thing. Moving office is a whole other animal altogether. Anyone that's experienced both will probably know what Walski's talking about.

And by sheer coincidence, this also happens to be myAsylum's post #747 - and like the Boeing airplane of the same model number, Walski's office flew away from Ampang, where his office has been for the last 2+ years.

When we moved in to the Merdeka Ria area of Ampang a couple of years ago, it was because of its proximity to the headquarters, located in the Setiawangsa neighborhood. It was really ideal, truth be told, but it was adequate for the size we were then (which was below 15 people).

Image hosting by PhotobucketWhere the office was the past two-some years...

Then, sometime towards the end of 2006, a trash processing facility opened up at the end of our block. And working life in Ampang has pretty much gone downhill since then...
(Trash-Я-Us, and more,in the full post)

Image hosting by PhotobucketTrash City... just a couple of doors away

Think of this post as a parting shot to the Ampang Jaya municipal council. How on earth could a trash sorting business be allowed to operate, even in an industrial zone, when it contributes towards dirtying the area, making parking next to impossible, and becoming a general nuisance?

Image hosting by PhotobucketWhere trash gets sorted... almost 365 days a year

Granted, this business got started before the last general elections, when Selangor was still under the purview of you-know-who... but Walski hopes that this is something the state government will seriously look into. And Walski can attest to the fact that the municipal dump trucks make daily visits to this facility.

Now, Walski is not against these sort of trash sorting businesses operating. What they do is to sort the trash into metals, plastics and papers, then sells them off for a profit. It does facilitate recycling, so it's a good kind of business to have. But not when it's right next door to your office.

Another thing Walski will tell you is that the proprietors of this facility were not at all happy that he took the pictures you see here.

Image hosting by PhotobucketTrash, in front, side and spills over the back of the establishment

Which tells Walski one thing - they're possibly not entirely legitimately licensed. So, how have they managed to operate for the past year plus? Your guess is probably as good as Walski's... but he reckons somebody probably got paid off in the process. As far as licensing is concerned, by the way, here's another clue why Walski thinks they don't have a proper license to operate.

Image hosting by PhotobucketNo signboard = No License?

Walski will leave it to the state government to look into this. Ampang falls under the jurisdiction of Selangor, which is now, of course, governed by the Pakatan Rakyat. Walski doesn't know for certain whether or not any improprietary action took place allowing these folks to operate, with or without a proper license. It's up to you folks to investigate...

But in any case, Walski's office has now moved, away from the eye and nose sore that occupied the area next to where the office was for the past couple of years. Looking back, it probably wasn't a very healthy environment to be working at either. With trash usually comes vermin... and disease.

Image hosting by PhotobucketNo signboard = No License?

Incidentally, we've moved to the Taman Esplanade Commercial Center, located in the Bukit Jalil neighborhood. So far, our office is the only business that's begun operations (it's a brand spanking new area), so parking is thus far not a problem. It's not a lot further for Walski to travel, but the shortest and fastest route requires Walski to fork out toll money... which is okay, all things considered.

NOT being next door to a trash sorting business is always a good thing... even if Walski has to pay toll daily.