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Sunday, April 27, 2008

It simply Bytes...

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One of the ideas that Walski had been toying with over the last couple of years, since starting this blog, was whether or not to move it from Blogger, and get myAsylum hosted on a hosting service. Okay - that's not going to be happening any time soon, for a number of reasons that we won't get into. In any case, web hosting is not the purpose of this post.

Image hosting by PhotobucketRather, it's about one particular hosting company, ExaBytes, which recently revealed that they are somewhat... well... Just read on, and then decide what you make of it. This is probably one web hosting company Walski probably WON'T consider should he decide to move myAsylum away one day...

In any case, yesterday, Walski got copied on an e-mail a good friend of his sent to this web hosting company, based here in Malaysia, which Walski's friend uses to host his websites. Apparently they have a new, very uncool policy in place... and so Walski's friend wrote back - quite sarcastically...
(the letter to ExaBytes, and more, in the full post)

And here is the letter, in full, with some identities withheld...

Dear Mr/Ms Ooi/Chan (,

I am [Name Withheld], President of [Name Withheld] Sdn Bhd, one of your NOTABLE CLIENTS. In addition to Dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx, I also have my ExxxXXX Oil and Gas website on your server.

Someone wrote in to complain about my websites being hosted by your company - with the new NO HOMO policy – can you believe that?


dude. your webhosting company - not cool. - some homo.

I believe the above posting was a response to your email below:

We are regret to inform you that any content (eg: blog, LGBT-friendly establishments, lifestyle or events, clubs, restaurants, cafes, anecdotes, meetups) related to gay and lesbian (homosexual) will be prohibited to be hosted in our server.

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact. Thank You!

Ooi PY
Customer Service Manager
Exa Bytes Network Sdn Bhd

I have a question concerning that policy.

But first, I want to congratulate Exabytes for taking this stand!

I’m tried of seeing homo, left wing, liberal, vegan, tree hugging, anti hydrocarbon processing, anti-Ketuanan Melayu sites pop up like mushrooms. We need to curb all these evil liberals.

We need more people like you, Ooi PY, and Chan Kee Siak, people who see these devils for what they truly are.

I believe you understand everyone has their place and rights. We can’t simply be allowing them to spread their homo mind memes on the internet.

Only fools believe everyone should be treated the same and be accorded the same rights (you know, some Malaysian Chinese people even believe they should have the same rights as Malays? Can you believe such a thing in this day and age?).

You show them!

If we can’t exclude people based on their sexual preference, religion or race, then what will become of our society? How do we keep the riff raff in check?

Homos can’t have the same rights, or access to server space for their content as heteros. Period.

Your decision to ban homo content has (social) scientific backing.

As you and I have been taught by our schools, the Biro Tata Negara, Mufti Perak, ZAM, Malaysia’s leaders, UMNO and Utusan Melayu, the Malaysian social strata (from most to least important) is as follows (server space priority should really be based on this!):

a) Malay Muslims (e.g., me)
b) Arab or Caucasian Muslims – refugees or expats (from Bosnia, etc)
c) Caucasian, non muslim consultants/expats
d) Bumiputra (may be non muslim)
e) Non Malay non Muslims (E.g., you, Ooi and Chan)
f) Criminals and opposition bloggers

Homosexuals are not even recognized!

How to give server space?

Kick the buggers (literally) off!

People say prejudice is bad… but in some cases it’s good and necessary for nation (and network) building and stability, like India’s old caste system.

If our esteemed leaders, Hishammuddin is prejudiced against Chinese, Jamaluddin Jaris is prejudiced against Indians, then there should be no problem if Exabytes is prejudiced against homos and refuses them server space for their content.

I give another example, if Federal Govt want to give contract, must be to Malay BN supporter, first, right (see LIST 1 above)? If you want to provide space for content, sure must give to heterosexuals (men who like women, and women who like men) only, right? How to give to homo to put content, they are not even on list (see LIST 1 above)?

All must know their place!

I am sure Ooi and Chan, you are grateful that my forefathers allowed your forefathers to stay in Malaysia after independence as long as they (and you) knew their place and would not challenge our Malay superiority or rights, and you accept that you will never be equal to us (you’re 4 levels below me in terms of status and preference in this country, see LIST 1 above) …why can’t the homos just be as thankful and defer to the greater good, like you defer to us (and don’t question NEP, for example)?

They should stay in their closets!

And be thankful that we let them breathe the same air as us and that we don’t simply them in our excellent Malaysian Express buses driven by a meth head driver with 100 summonses and “send them all to Singapore”?



Anyway, I’d like to clarify if it’s OK to publish ANTI Homosexual content? I wasn’t sure if ANTI homosexual content was allowed.

For example, we have artists under our label who are vehemently (vehemently means VERY) ANTI HOMOSEXUAL. One of those artists is the very famous Malaysian NEP blues/folk punk duo Panda Head Curry?.

They are so ANTI HOMOSEXUAL they will not even use Macintosh computers or watch programs like Chef Wan’s Favorite Maggie Recipes.

Before we allow their ANTI HOMOSEXUAL content, I wanted to check if it’s OK.

Their content will address issues like:
a) Why homos are bad and should not be allowed to create websites with homo content
b) Homos are different, how to spot and avoid them – if they attack, sure you kena homo.
c) If you like to ride LRT and Monorail, are you homo?
d) Trying to find cures for homos, focusing on lobotomies, electroshock treatment and Vitamin C therapies.
e) Why will God send all homos and Enya fans to Hell?

I await your advice.

[Name Withheld]
President, Dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx Sdn Bhd

Something must have really spooked ExaBytes to make them issue these new guidelines... but then again, prejudices are part of what makes us uniquely Malaysians, after all... innit?