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Thursday, April 17, 2008

And this little Piggy went ballistic...

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Oink, oink, boys and girls... Today happens to be one of those days where Walski has to make that dreaded 300+ km journey (one way) for a meeting. Well, meeting's over, and before he heads back to KL, he thought he should post this...

Well, boys and girls, Uncle Walski is gonna talk to you about one of God's enigmatic creations - the pig. But first, an old piggy story... The Three Little Pigs, as told by one of music's odder groups, Green Jellÿ (pro: jell-o).

Meanwhile, back in planet Malaysia, a different pack of wolves in the nation's most developed state are in a huff, and a puff, over a proposed state-of-the-art pig farm. This farm is not designed to rear state-of-the-art pigs, mind you. State-of-the-art pigs would probably be designed to instinctively know how to properly use flush toilets - which is more than Walski can say about some of the Malaysian human population.

But, Walski digresses... These wolves, too, wanna huff, and puff, and blow away the plans to build this modern pig-rearing facility. The reason? Health and safety...

Or, so they would want us to believe.
(not by the hair on their chinny chin-chin, and more, in the full post)

About a week or so ago, Malaysiakini ran a Bernama story on the residents from Kuala Langat area holding a protest in front of the Selangor Chief Minister's office (emphasis by myAsylum).

The protesters, who are residents of Kampung Tumbuk Darat, Tanjung Sepat, Tanjung Laut, Kampung Layang, Kundang and Kampung Indah, gathered from 10.30am, carrying banners to vent their dissatisfaction over the decision.

All the villages are located near the proposed project in Ladang Tumbuk.

One of the residents, Mohamad Tarmudi Tushiran, said a majority of people in the area objected to the project as it could cause pollution and give rise to the spread of vector-borne diseases, particularly the Japanese Encephalitis like what happened in Bukit Pelandok, Negeri Sembilan some years back.

He claimed that the area had already been the centre for small-scale pig farming for decades, causing pollution to the environment.

"We are worried that when the project takes off, the pig population will increase and this will aggravate the pollution further, with residents having had to put up with the stench from the farm," he said.

(source: Bernama)

What probably escaped the Kuala Langat wolves was the fact that this high-tech pig farm would have this contraption called sewage treatment - and going by the reasoning given, however, sewage treatment is probably something these protesters have never heard of. Or use.

But what was a little perplexing is this: if indeed the proposed state-of-the-art is perceived to be such a hazard, why wish it on another community? Later in the same news report (emphasis by myAsylum):

Mohamad Tarmudi, who is also the Ladang Tumbuk village head, said tourism in Morib coastal areas as well as in Kelanang would also be affected as tourists would be repelled by the existence of what would be the biggest pig farm in Selangor.

He also handed over a memorandum from the affected residents to the political secretary of the menteri besar, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, calling for the cancellation or relocation of project to Pulau Ketam where the majority of population were non-Muslim.

(source: Bernama)

Ouch! These wolf-ish remarks brings up a whole slew of piggly questions in Walski's mind. Like, for instance,

  • Aren't non-Muslims just as vulnerable to vector borne diseases and stenchy odors?
  • So, it's not safe for Muslims, but safe for non-Muslims? Or just that these concerned citizens just don't give a rat's ass?
  • Or is it just UMNO-flavored Muslims that are most at risk?
  • Isn't Pulau Ketam also a tourist destination?

As far as Walski knows, the Quran prohibits Muslims from consuming the pig meat. That's only from the Quran, of course - the "Islam" practiced today incorporates a whole slew of other don'ts, don'ts, and more don'ts taken from a whole slew of sources... so, who's Walski to question millenium-long entrenched dogma?

That aside, Walski couldn't help but notice this picture, which accompanied the Bernama news report.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe banners alone were tell-tale of the actual people behind the rally...
(image taken from Bernama)

It's pretty obvious from what was written on the banners who the people behind these "concerned citizens" really are. Or at least instigating them.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAnd in case what's written on the banners is too much of an eye-test, Walski decided to enlarge the center banner. What it says, translated into English, is "We agree if the pigs are located in Theresa Kok's area". Not very nice are they? Walski would even go as far as to say that the behavior was a little bit swine-ish...

Theresa Kok, of course, got dragged into the fray (via ) - quite reluctantly - when Utusan Malaysia took a statement from her blog totally out of context, and went to town with it. Any idiot knows who's behind Utusan, no?

And if there were any further doubts in Walski's mind as to who these swines-in-wolves-clothing really are, this news report, via Malaysiakini, blew those doubts totally out of the water. Just like wolfie did in the video.

Now here's a politician with a blog who thinks that just by having a blog will give you bonus popularity points. Unfortunately, substance is what makes a blog worthwhile. And when there are negative comments raised against what's written - hey, remove the negative comments and prevent anyone else from posting any.

Soon after the posting was uploaded, readers started to react angrily. Some described his posting as ‘short-sighted’, ‘embarrassing’, ‘disappointing’ and ‘playing up racial sentiments’.
(source: Malaysiakini - subscription required)

Just like any good chickenshit UMNO politician would, Walski reckons - what can't be seen won't hurt ya, right? What the Malacca CM totally omitted was the fact that the proposed farm would be equipped with proper sewage treatment. You know what sewage treatment is, Datuk Ali Rustam? It's that wonderful system in your house which takes care of your crap (and other human waste) so that your living room doesn't end up like a traditional Malacca pig sty. Ali Rustam's solution for Malacca's pig problem was simply population control - but without any consideration for proper sewage treatment, which only means that the pig farms would still be sources of pollution to the environment.

And this "solution" was what the Datuk's blog post proudly proclaimed. He also "congratulated" the government of Selangor, and the voters who helped put the government there (translation by myAsylum).

TAHNIAH kepada kerajaan Selangor kerana meluluskan cadangan untuk membina ladang ternakan babi bernilai RM100 juta di Sepang. Sesungguhnya usaha yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan baru gabungan PKR, DAP dan Pas ini adalah sebagai hadiah kepada para pengundi yang menyokong parti mereka, termasuk para pengundi beragama Islam pada pilihan raya umum lalu.
(source: Ali Rustam's Blog)

CONGRATULATIONS to the Selangor government for granting the go ahead to the proposal to build a RM 100 million pig rearing facility in Sepang. Truly, the efforts by the new PKR, DAP and Pas coalition government are a gift to the voters who supported these parties, including the Muslim voters, during the last general elections.

Wow... what wit... what sarcasm... what a load of crap! Walski's so jealous...

What the current Selangor government says, however, is that the project was given the go-ahead by the previous administration, and that they decided to proceed with it because, heck... it's actually a good idea. Former Selangor Chief Minister, Mohd Khir Toyo, was of course quick to deny this, being the great UMNO politician that he aspires to be...

Of course, some of these so-called "defenders of Islam" prefer to go way further overboard than the actual prohibition in the Quran (against eating swine meat), and go as far as declaring pigs unfit to touch, smell, and some even believe, see. Which is probably why Babe almost got banned in Malaysia...

Well, don't let 'em little piggies find out, though...

This little piggy went to the market, 'cause
This little piggy wanted a new home, but
This little piggy got dissed by some dUMbNOs, so
This little piggy had none.
And this little piggy went...
Fucking ballistic, and went Rambo all the way down the West Coast to Malacca...

(original rhyme here)

Walski never said he could write children's rhymes...

It is hoped, though, that the Selangor government doesn't cave in to these wolfish pressures - it's time to show BN how a pig farm is properly managed. Either that, or risk the pigs revolting. But probably not as revolting as the real swine, cammouflaged as wolves... sometimes appearing in sheep's clothing.