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Monday, March 10, 2008

Opinion Poll: myAsylum needs a makeover?

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An anonymous commenter to Walski's previous post said that myAsylum should change its layout. The Blogspot-Black is boring, he/she says.

So, what else can Walski do but to ask the opinion of you - the reader - would you like to see a change in this blog's layout? Walski's always open to suggestions, and in fact, had been thinking of doing some layout changes, since the beginning of the year.

And that also means a new opinion poll - for now in the same location - at the top of the left-hand sidebar. What say you... change, or no change?
(some backgrounder on this blog's format, in the full post)

FYI - although this blog is based on the standard Blogspot Black, it has been tweaked. For one thing, it uses a 3-column layout, instead of the standard two. Plus some other minor tweaks here and there...

And as for the color... well, unless Walski hears some major objections, it will probably remain black, even with the layout changes. So, what say you? Walski's waiting to hear... and will leave the poll open until the end of March.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!!