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Saturday, March 29, 2008


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You readers have spoken - via the poll put up - and Walski has listened.

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Very soon, this blog, as you remember it to be, will be no more... When Walski changes something, those changes tend to be drastic. When? Good question. Answer: soon.
(change is imminent, and why, in the full post)

Making the decision to change the blog's layout wasn't the difficult part - picking the right layout has been. There's always this big tug-o-war between functionality and form, when it comes to picking a new layout.

Slow page load, however, has been a prime motivator for Walski to change the layout. So, expect the front page to be a lot skimpier compared to what it is now. Hopefully, the new design will enable the posts to load faster. It will mean less extraneous pictures on the main page, most likely.

It's like a lot of other things in life - change comes with some sacrifices. But if it means faster load times, then Walski can live with these changes. We'll see.

Meanwhile, enjoy the current layout... while it lasts. Which may not be for very long....