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Monday, March 03, 2008

Freedom of (only ONE) CHOICE

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Walski was first alerted to BN's propaganda invasion via Yahoo! and Hotmail on Saturday, via Aliran's Media Monitor Diary.

They also mention Astro, but that's no big surprise, really. Well, guess what was waiting for Walski when he logged on to Yahoo! Messenger this morning?

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Makes you wonder just how much BN is spending on their insurance policy to ensure we have ONLY ONE CHOICE, doesn't it? It also makes Walski wonder how much of the insurance premium came out from his own pocket...
(more BN Yahoo! invasion, in the full post)

But wait... there's more! Mouse-over the BN advert, and a pop-up appears showing a video with "the whole story"...

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Needless to say, Walski didn't bother... we all know the drill by now. BN is the only choice... vote us, or else... ya da, ya da, ya da... Granted, BN does have a few good individuals - persons of integrity that actually do service to the people.

But as buddy blogger SK Thew has aptly pointed out, what's the point of having a few worthy individuals, when their voices are snuffed, and they're forced to toe the party line? And if they are outspoken, they're eventually dropped in favor of more sycophantic candidates. Just look at what happened to Zaid Ibrahim and Loh Seng Kok (via MageP's Lab and Screenshots, respectively).

Voting anyone running on the BN ticket means that you're voting for the entire BN juggernaut.... the good, the bad, and the gawd-awful ugly... And once you cast that vote for 'em, your worth as an individual in a democratic system ends - from that point on, you're forced to swallow whatever BN chooses to shove down your throat. Whether you like it, or GET OUT! GET OUT! (boy, Walski sure misses The Malay Male).

Well, granted no political party's perfect... and their manifestos show that... Except for one virtual party... no, not Walski's own IMP (although it does come close) - nope, Walski's talking about his all-time favorite party, Siber Party of Malaysia (SiPM). They've just released their own manifesto: The Power of 4G. Needless to say, they have Walski's endorsement and support... Legalize IT, baby!

But Walski won't elaborate much on the manifestotivities right now... that subject deserves its own totempole post, coming soon. After Walski takes care of work, that is...

Meanwhile, even cyberspace isn't safe from the BN propaganda-wang-anda... Although, Walski's not sure if they've invaded AdSense, or not. But if they have, and you happen to see 'em on myAsylum (that's here, by the way)... do the needful, and help Walski make a few cents, won't ya?