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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Caution: Invisible Workmen

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This is what Walski would call a "weekend sticky"... you'll be seeing this post on top spot until Sunday late night.

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(what the heck all this is about, in the full post)

It seems that most of those who've participated in Walski's latest poll think that this blog needs a makeover. Well, you've spoken, and Walski listened. 90-plus percent is an overwhelming majority... So, yeah... Walski's working on it. Oh, and thanks for the suggestions some of you have left in the comments section - Walski will take them all into due consideration.

Well, the point of this post is to tell you that changes are afoot, and come next month (God, work and time willing), a new-look myAsylum will be unleashed upon you. But for this weekend, Walski may be a little tardy in the posting department, so that he can work on revamping this blog's layout (as of the time of posting, humans have not been successfully cloned yet).

You won't actually see the workmen running around (at least Walski hopes not), but be careful when you navigate the site... Safety first, and all that. Plus, you don't want Walski's Workman's Compensation premiums to sky-rocket just because of reader-inflicted accidents now do you?

Having said that, if something important does crop up, then yes, as usual Walski will attend to it ASAP. As per standard operating procedure, content is the most important thing that fuels myAsylum... Enjoy the weekend!