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Friday, March 14, 2008

Brain-dead Neanderthals

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Some people are so wrapped around their own spin. So much so that they start spewing nonsense in the press, and stand by it (hat-tip: Where's My Noose?).

Spoken like the true sore losers they are. Seriously, BN reinvent themselves? For starters how about NOT doing crap like:

  • blackmail politics - the "vote for us, or else" stand that they're so well-known for
  • misusing patriotism - get the definition right, knuckle heads... patriotism means love for the country, not love for BN. Who could love a bunch of Braindead Neanderthals, anyway?
  • the culture of brown-nosing - otherwise known as ass-licking, sycophanatism... or the Malay-plus-English ampu-titis.
  • keep being in denial about who the NEP has really helped

One of the commenters at Where's My Noose? had this to say (Walski's English translation):

The real issue behind why the Malays in Penang rejected BN is land ownership. Little by little, the land owned by the Malays have been sold off, for the sake of development.

It's issues such as this that the Penang Umno should be championing. They should be saying, "If development is to happen, first study the issue of land ownership".

(source: Where's My Noose?)

Being that Walski's not close enough to the ground in Penang, he'll take this at face value. BN should be championing real issues, and not championing issues obviously important only to them.
(Neanderthal eyesight, and more, in the full post)

Walski has no clue as to wheher the ancient Neanderthals had good or bad eyesight. So far, no fossilized eye glasses have been found.

But our modern-day brain-dead ones are surely missing the point for the rhetoric. Or logically arriving at the wrong conclusion. Whatever... the point is that they miss the point. By miles. So into themselves they can be that they no longer are able to critically analyze themselves (assuming they had the ability once upon a time).

Okay, assume for a bit that BN has brought in all kinds of development to Penang... why has there not been any proper planning to cope with the worsening traffic, partly brought on by the development? And let's not even look at the PORR - a project that was forced down the throats of the Penangites, as Walski understands it. What about mass transit? And Walski's talking not just about the island, but a system that would effectively be able to shuttle bodies across the straits.

And you don't really need fantabulously grandiose corridor projects to develop the various regions - with declining FDI year-on-year, Walski wonders exactly what kinds of industries these corridors are expected to attract - high-tech, high-yeild sorts, or those backwater labor-intensive types that would further burden our already stretched labor force?

Well, Walski's no economist - but be that as it may, the fact that the world is evolving and becoming flatter has not escaped his beady little eyes. But here we are, surviving in choked up bandwidth, which would probably be at par with Singapore or South Korea had it not been for the monopoly on communications. Monopolies only breed inefficiency and complacency... and yet not a day goes by when you don't see ads enticing people to sign up with "best-effort" broadband. Which, on really crappy days, isn't at all broad.

But then, we're talking about Brain-dead Neanderthals, after all. And Walski will bet his bottom dollar ringgit that it'll be the same BN that will fight tooth and nail to block whatever good the Opposition intends to bring (yeah, the opposition's got some teething problems now, but give 'em a few more weeks).

Change, all things considered, takes its time. The first big step, though, is for BN to snap out of their self-induced coma of deluded grandeur. If, that is, they really want to reinvent themselves. Spewing out the same legendary BN rhetoric of nonsense is not at all the way to go.

Otherwise, the brain-dead will evolve into zombies eventually. Where's George Romero when you really need him?