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Saturday, February 16, 2008

War of the Roses

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Warning: This post contains language that some of you may find objectionable. So, if you find strong language objectionable, kindly go the fuck someplace else. Don't say Walski hasn't warned you.

This post is dedicated to the peaceful protesters who found themselves the target of police teargas and water-cannon action this morning.

Somebody should donate some non-lethal toys for these trigger-happy motherfuckers to play with...

Is the role of the Royal Malaysian Police to keep the peace, or is it to ensure peaceful assemblies are busted up violently? Walski's not going to verbalize much this post. Rather, he'll let the music speak for itself...

This one's the original N.W.A. version:

Fuck The Police (NWA)

Or, if you prefer something more hard-rockin', Walski's got another version of the same song for ya.
(the rock version, and more, in the full post)

Here's the live cover version by Rage Against The Machine.

Fuck The Police (RATM - live)

Some democracy... where there's no such thing as peaceful demonstrations, only because the fucking cops don't allow it to be.

That's about all Walski wants to say - he's just too disgusted for much words... oh, and one more thing...