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Monday, February 18, 2008

Fallout Girl

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Updated @ February 18 - 2332 hrs: More of Walski's thoughts on Fong's withdrawal can be found in the full post. Remember what Walski wrote about over the weekend - about the Cult of Personality? Apparently there's some of that in DAP as well (any political organization, actually).

Original Post:
This here's an example of how NOT to upstage the incumbent BN in the upcoming March 8th general elections.

Walski's kinda rushing for time, so he won't elaborate much right now - he'll try to update this post later in the day.

But whatever it is, DAP and PKR better get their act together if they hope to make a dent in the BN hegemony... particularly in the state of Perak. Elsewhere doesn't seem to be much of a problem, apparently.

Regardless, if Fong sticks to her decision, Malaysia would have lost a member of Parliament with integrity. Not to mention fiesty...

More later, when time permits.
(Updates, in the full post)

Reactions to Fong's withdrawal from politics have been that of shock, across the board. In the public press conference announcing her decision, Fong hinted at problems within the Perak state-level DAP organization, the source of her decision, in an e-mail to the DAP Secretary-General, Lim Guan Eng.

"It is a tough decision for me as DAP has become my second family and the people of Batu Gajah parliamentary constituency have been so special to me over the last 8 years. Suffice for me to say that due to the development of internal party events in the DAP Perak over the last few years as well as currently, which perhaps you are fully aware, it has become impossible for me to continue serving effectively, efficiently and wholeheartedly as a Party leader as well as an elected representative of the people. Under such circumstances and in the best interest of all concerned, I have arrived at this unavoidable and difficult decision."
(taken from Present Point Power)

On her blog - Chamber of Thoughts (yes, the lady blogs - hat-tip to Rocky), none of the problems alluded to in her e-mail were posted. Instead, she asks her Batu Gajah constituents to continue supporting the DAP.

Blogger MULTIDIMID, who runs the blog Present Point Power, has put together a compilation of reports from the press related to Fong's decision to not run in the coming General Elections. To summarize:

  1. DAP supremos deny any order from the top to move Fong to another constituency. In fact, Uncle Kit even makes a personal appeal on his blog.
  2. BN, not wanting to waste a perfect opportunity, takes a swipe at DAP, with Deputy PM Najib saying that there are serious internal conflicts within the organization (via Bernama). With such an opportunity given, who wouldn't have taken a swipe, really?
  3. Ex-DAP MP for Bukit Bintang warns of "flying daggers" within the house of DAP... okay, something to that effect... Walski was paraphrasing somewhat.

Well, needless to say, there's a whole load of damage control to be done. But Fong Po Kuan leaving the political arena, if she sticks to her decision, is really a big loss for the entire Malaysian political landscape. A good MP is always a bad thing to lose... Personally, Walski hopes that she will reconsider. The respect that she's gotten from her constituents is testament to the good job she's done, despite having to work within the politics of blackmail that the incumbent BN practices.

But the opposition, if they are serious about giving BN a run for their money really should close ranks fast. Yes, there are philosophical differences as to what each party's struggle is about, but these should be put aside for the time being, concentrating instead on the single, most important task - that of breaking the BN hegemony, any more years of which is not going to be good for the nation...

Regardless of which political party your heart affiliates itself with...