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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Lucky 13 Poll

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Well, this has kinda been a little overdue but blame it on Walski's work schedule, which always takes precedence. While the poll is over due, the news on which it's based is not.

Earlier this evening, The Star published on its online edition this news story, stating that it could be possible that Parliament would be dissolved on February 13th, i.e. this coming Wednesday.

Now, why The Star decided to go with this story is anybody's guess. Especially looking at the last paragraphs of the report quoted above. "Is there a connection between 13 and the election?" Why, yes, of course there is, moron. 13 is the next biggest integer after 12, which will be the next election. 13 is probably also the IQ of the journalist who asked this stupid question. Silly journalist, and silly journalism.

Actually, the number 13 for the Chinese is not unlucky at all... quite the opposite. But the key thing to this is that the dissolution of Parliament would be called during the two-week Chinese New Year celebration period. Kinda inconsiderate, if you were to ask Walski. Hadhari must mean never having to say you're sorry.

In any case, this brings us to the Lucky 13 poll, which Walski has just put up (on the top left sidebar). When, based on the choices given, do you think Parliament would be dissolved? And no, not with Hydrochloric Acid, either.
(poll predictions, and more, in the full post)

The latest word on the streets, and in the bloggerhood is that the long-anticipated 12th General Elections will be held sometime in mid-March this year. The mid-term school holidays are scheduled to be from 7th or 8th March to 15th or 16th March (depending on which state you're talking about), and since schools are usually used as polling stations, there is a good chance that the next GE will fall somewhere within this 9-day window.

Which would mean, nominations would be sometime end February or early March. Which in turn means that the Febuary 13th prediction may be quite accurate. Otherwise, the next window would be during the following school holidays, which fall 23rd/24th May to 7th/8th June.

As things stand, BN has been doing a lot of preparation work, basing on the MSM reports we keep reading about. Another indicator being the heightened level of BN-is-the-best propagandizing we usually see prior to general elections. Same goes with the mudslinging against the opposition parties in the media.

It's been a practice, by the BN government, to call for snap polls. And severely limit the time for campaigning - at least, campaigning by the opposition. Also, the mainstream press has notoriously given very little space for the opposition. Coupled with the over-the-top use of the electronic media (TV and radio in particular) by BN, it has been long alleged that the cards are always stacked against the opposition in getting the word out.

But the Internet may just change the equation a little. How effective online campaigning will be for the parties involved, however, is left to be seen. But as soon as parliament is dissolved, and the election date formally announced, don't be surprised to find political sites and blogs suddenly mushroom. Walski thinks they will anyway.

Well, whatever the case may be, take the Lucky 13 poll and make your guess... Walski's not going to call the bookies, just yet. If the dissolution is called, the dissolution is called... simple as that. Being that February 13th is not during an UMNO-related holiday, it could very well be that this could be the date. After all, UMNO did carry out their own General Assembly during the Deepavali celebrations... so it would kinda be par for the course.

Walski's Lucky 13 poll this time will be a short one, by the way, and will close on February 13. It would be a little pointless to continue it beyond that date. So, take your pick, and tell Walski what you think...