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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Holy PR Paintjob, Batman!

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(To the tune of the Batman TV theme):
Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh
Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh
... Pak Lah!

Image from The Star, hosting by PhotobucketNot quite as sexy as the Batmobile, but promises to start in the morning...
(picture taken from The Star)

Yes, folks... in order to smack a resounding KA-POW! to the opposition, the Kepala Batas BN machine was unveiled yesterday... the BN PRat Mobile... a Proton Perdana, emblazoned with BN logos, colors, and of course, a picture of Pak Perdana himself. According to the caption accompanying the photo above from The Star, the PRat Mobile will be used for campaigning in his parliamentary constituency during the coming elections.

Proof positive that the election machinery (powered by Proton) is ready to roll!

The news report doesn't state how many votes-to-the-liter the PRat Mobile promises, however. Nor if there are any superhero PRat gadgets that come with it. Come to think of it, the news report wasn't about the automobile at all.
(working hard at hardly working, and more, in the full post)

Nope, not apart from the picture. In fact, the headline for the story is something destined to be included in buddy-blogger Howsy's newly launched compendium of Pak Lah Flowery Sloganeering and Quotes...

Regardless of whether he's actually working hard, or hardly working, it's becoming more and more obvious (duhh..) that elections are just around the corner. As it is, the mainstream print media has been spewing BN propaganda almost non-stop for the past month or so... BN this, BN that... not to mention reporting on the numerous election carrots that BN have started to dangle left, right and center.

But wait... "These aren't election gifts!" BN retorts quite indignantly. Well, if it smells like an election-campaign gift, sounds like an election-campaign gift, and looks like an election-campaign gift... surely it's gotta be something else altogether, right? This disease of Lingam-a-titis seems to be a lot more contagious than meets the eye...

Meanwhile, our glorious Führer-in-Law has also stated that he will not speculate on Boy Wonder's candidacy in the coming elections. Boy Wonder on the other hand has stated that he leaves it to the party leadership to decide on his candidacy.

And who heads the party leadership, Walski wonders...

Holy Circular Logic, Batman! And the dissolution of Parliament hasn't even been announced yet. Already, the boys have been doing... what? Campaigning, campaigning, campaigning! Although, on a personal note, Walski has been dissolutioned with Parliament for a long, long time now... (misspelled pun intended).

Ahh.. you gotta love the Malaysian free press... Free, that is, to be manipulated by their political masters, at their masters' convenience... and help them illegaly campaign for the yet-to-be-announced general elections.

And you wonder why Walski's so cynical?