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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Worm Signs

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We've been talking about it for quite some time now - the next general elections. Nobody, except God, knows when it will be exactly. Pak Lah? Somehow Walski thinks he doesn't really know either... or more precisely doesn't know when it should be. Contrary to popular belief, he does keep awake from time to time, and does think about these things.

But Walski reckons that they will be within the next six months or so. At least from this worm sign...

January, plus six months, comes to... around July (keep that month in mind folks). And after the six months? Well, Walski can only read worm signs... he can't exactly foretell the future.
(more worm signs, in the full post)

And then there's this news flash, also from . The Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) has decided to delay its party polls, due for April this year.

The MCA central committee today unanimously voted to postpone the election of office-bearers which was due in April, in view of the pending general election.

Under the party constitution, MCA can delay its election up to three months after the general elections.

(source: Malaysiakini - subscription required)

Coincidentally, three months after April is... yup, July. Yeah, yeah... Walski knows the baseline here's different. But it's some kind of nice coincidence all the same.

Of course there are other worm signs, like the PM giving us assurance that there will be enough supply of cooking oil (as reported by The Star yesterday). How? Well, apart from this:

"We are having an important meeting to discuss the current shortage of cooking oil in the country," he said before chairing the Cabinet Committee on the Competitiveness of the Palm Oil Industry Cabinet Monday.
(source: The Star)

... we can only guess that Pak Lah, could be hoarding lots of cooking oil himself. And when you've got the word "Cabinet" appear twice in a meeting name... you really gotta wonder. But the real worm sign, was this worry that Pak Lah expressed (from the same Star news report, emphasis by myAsylum).

"We don't want housewives to start complain about this," he said, adding that this was among the problems facing the country.

Yeah, screw the hawkers, who are most hard hit by this cooking oil fiasco, but we can't have the housewives bitching about it, now, can we? Yeah, bitching housewifes - among the major problems facing this country. Which probably explains why Rafidah Aziz is so keen to get Wanita BN to "teach the public how to vote" (via The Star).

And what's that supposed to mean, anyway? Marking an "X" beside the dacing (scales) sign is the only correct way to vote?

Worm signs, baby... they're all around. The only thing Walski can't tell with any certainty is when the elusive worm's gonna actually surface...

Walski's cryptic post-title explanatory note: Just in case you were wondering, Worm sign is a phrase taken from the Frank Hebert sci-fi classic Dune, denoting tell-tale signs that a worm is about to surface close by. Of course, the tell-tale signs are about something else, but from what we've seen in the past, results from certain polling stations have been a little worm-ish... and here's a small confession: the only worm Walski actually likes is the one at the bottom of a good bottle of Mezcal.