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Monday, January 07, 2008

Un-recycleables Top Ten...

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Image taken from Wikipedia, hosting by PhotobucketIn general, recycling is good. Walski has no problems with recycling, and hopes that where he lives, the retards in local government will implement separated trash collection soon. It's good for the environment, in the long run - and helps slow down the depletion of resources on planet Earh.

But not everything can, or should, be recycled. So, here's Walski's top 10 things that fit the category of un-recycleables...

10 - Film scripts
Now, many people will probably disagree, but what the hell was the point of remaking the Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho? Some classics should be left untouched. But Hollywood is rife with these made-as-if-new remakes of old movies. What... creative juices dried up? Or just fucking lazy? And don't give Walski this "tribute" crap...

#9 - Condoms
Okay, Walski's not referring to re-processing here, incidentally. Re-using them is pretty gross to begin with - but believe it or not, this actually does happen (via YouTube). But Walski also came across this news article from November last year.

Just remember, when in China, make sure you ask where the hairbands you're about to buy really came from...

#8 - News
It's a question of ethics - and linguistics, too. News is no longer 'new' once recycled. So, should they be called Olds, of Useds? But the recycling of news does happen from time to time, usually for political benefit. Not sure if this sort of thing happens here in Malaysia or not...

#7 - Tires
Rethreads, in other words. Many of our Malaysian transport vehicles use them. Over-laden lorries, mostly. Which accounts for the rubber-roadkill we see so frequently on our highways. Yeah, they're cheaper than new tires, but definitely aren't as durable. But as usual, economics always wins over safety...

#6 - Tired Politicians
Like Herpes - that wonderful STD gift that keeps on giving - many politicians simply refuse to disappear. Even long after their useful shelf-life has expired. It's one thing if they're dynamic, but tired politicians who have nothing good to contribute anymore shouldn't keep recycling themselves every time elections roll along. Crap, when recycled, generally still is crap. And oh, Uncle Sam... if you're reading this, Walski IS talking about you...
(more of the Un-recyclables Top 10, in the full post)

#5 - Music
Not that Walski has anything against cover versions, per se. But these cheesy hip-hop covers are really something else. Not exactly something Walski likes, particularly. Nothing against hip-hop either - P. Diddy using The Police's Every Breath You Take (for his Notorious B.I.G. tribute) was somewhat tolerable (ok - barely tolerable) - it's the other hip-hop covers covering Coomb's cover that's got Walski's nerves somewhat uncovered. It's like every other day that our crappy commercial radio plays a new hip-hop cover of good music... what is the world coming to? Incidentally, this rant against hip-hop covers DOES NOT include Run-D.M.C.'s cover of Aerosmith's Walk This Way. But in a way, it was this cover that probably inspired the rest of the hip-hop world... not to mention jump-start Aerosmith's second-wind career.

#4 - Excuses
Your grandma/grandpa/dog can only die so many times. And saying "I'm working on it", repeatedly, is only effective if you actually are working on it. Saying you're listening, when it's obvious you don't really give a shit, is another excuse that loses its meaning when you recycle it too often.

#3 - Cooking Oil
Walski touched on this yesterday. Recycling cooking oil makes it carcinogenic after a few rounds of frying. Don't know how far this is true, but Walski was told that there were cases of some hawkers buying used cooking oil from the fast food restaurants...

#2 - Engine Oil
Image from The Star, hosting by PhotobucketRecycling engine oil gives your car engine cancer. Or cause it to seize. Either way, your car engine dies, and you're left mourning the demise of your automobile. And hoping for a new one that you can actually afford. Like the ever-elusive Proton BLM, maybe? Well, at least now we know what the frame of the damn car looks like. It's not known just how long Malaysian motorists are gonna have to wait for the actual release of this new model, the replacement model for the ancient Saga and Iswara product lines. Engine oil lubricates your car engine internal moving parts. Heat causes the oil to lose viscosity after some time. And the delay of the BLM? Who knows... but it did seem at times like things had seized to a grinding halt... to much recycled organizational engine oil maybe.

And finally, the #1 thing that should not be recycled (again):

#1 - The incumbent BN-led Government
Does Walski even need to elaborate? If you wear the same underpants for umpteen years, it'll start to itch real bad, and all myriads of diseases can fester. Odd analogy, but Walski thinks you catch his drift (and he hopes you've registered to vote).