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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Offbeat Travelogue: Walski's Wacky X'mas Eve in Penang...

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It's been a while since the last Offbeat Travelogue post. Being all caught up with the shit that's been going down in Malaysia of late, Walski's kinda been neglecting this ongoing series... until now.

For the past few days, Walski's been spending some time up in Penang, Pearl of the Orient. Sorry, Lucia - didn't get a chance to catch up this time, unfortunately, 'cause it was primarily to spend time with the other half of the extended family. And Penang, as always, has in store its fair share of interesting surprises... this visit was no different.

Penang Tourism Question of the Day: Where You Go?

Image hosting by PhotobucketLocated not far from Chowrasta Market, near where the famous cendol is...

Anyways, no... Walski did not goh hotel. Instead, after the obligatory laksa and cendol nearby, he had the rest of the day having to push along a disabled trolley.

But at least he found an appropriate place to park it.
(disabled trolley parking, and more Xmas Eve silliness, in the full post)

Image hosting by PhotobucketHow (and where) to properly park a disabled trolley

So, with disabled trolley properly parked, Walski ventured to find out more about Christmas in Penang. If there's one thing that you must have during Christmas time, no matter where you are in the world, it's gotta be this character we know as Santa Claus. Rumor has it, though, that Santa went on a crash diet this year. Turns out, it was true.

Image hosting by PhotobucketChristmas just isn't complete without the badly dressed Santa

Well, Christmas Eve with the family was nice, and quite uneventful (which was a good thing, actually). So, after we had our little dinner party, and opened our Xmas presents, it was time to head on over to Gurney Drive for a little revelry. It seems that there were two things in abundance in Penang this Christmas Eve: Horny revellers....

Image hosting by PhotobucketGlow-in-the-dark Red Horns - the in-thing this X'mas Eve

... and foam. Lots of foam.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWhite Christmas, Penang-style!

There's something about the hot weather that somehow doesn't go well with the Northern Hemisphere picture of Christmas. And so, inventive as always, Malaysians make do. When nature doesn't give you snow, you spray foam.

But Walski decided that he'd rather have real snow, and kinda managed to avoid the torrents of foam that seemed to be flying around. Perhaps next year he'll get his chance to experience some of the real stuff...