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Friday, November 02, 2007

Problems with Malaysia Today...

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... as in the website, not the country.

It would appear that there are some pretty serious problems at the Malaysia-Today website. Clicking on any link brings up a prompt to download a .PHP file, instead of displaying the content on your browser.

Image hosting by PhotobucketHackers handiwork? Click on image to view a larger version

That was around 2pm. Then going back to the site a few minutes ago, the links are clickable, but the page comes up with an error, stating no such content exists.

Image hosting by PhotobucketBig problems afoot at Malaysia Today

Is Walski the only one seeing this? Apparently not - The World is an Expedition of Words has also reported something similar yesterday night.

Walski initially thought that the site was hacked. Now, it looks as if Malaysia Today has crashed for some reason... Walski wonders if it's the cyber-troopers at work again... hey, isn't malicious hacking a crime?

Walski will keep you folks updated with any new developments...
(yes, the updates are in full post)

Update @ 2046 hrs - after consulting with bloggerhood IT intelligencia, including Jeff Ooi, the problem appears to not be directly attributable to hacker mischief, but a corrupted database. The root cause, however, is still not known, but typically this sort of error can be due to high traffic. Whether or not there was an unduly high amount of traffic (symptomatic of a DOS attack) before the crash is unknown. Walski tried connecting to Malaysia Today moments ago, and got a HTTP 500 error, meaning that the site has likely been taken offline for maintenance. Walski will periodically check, and update this post if there is any change in Malaysia Today's status.

On a slightly humorous aside, Rocky, upon hearing of this, has decided that he's more than happy staying on with Blogspot. Walski cannot help but concur...

Update @ 2251 hrs - Walski was alerted via the comments (thanks Marina!) that Malaysia Today, as of just before 2130 hrs, is back up. Making a quick trip to check it out, Walski so far cannot find any notification or posting that explains why the outage. In any case, rest assured, the site's functional now.

Now, if only Malaysia today, as in the country, could be patched up as quickly...