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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

PAU your way to riches

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If you're an UMNO member attending the General Assembly this week, wouldn't be nice to PAU some cash?

Who says it doesn't pay to be in politics? Particularly if it involves a political party that is so, so against money politics (sic), that it's offering those who attend the coming General Assembly prize money totalling... well, read for yourself. It's a shitload of moolah.

Image hosting by PhotobucketUMNO feels charitable all of a sudden... (hat-tip: Rocky's Bru)

Money politics? Perish the thought. In UMNO? Of course not. NOT.

Walski supposes that if it's something that the party itself offers, then it's not considered money politics. In marketing, this is called changing the game.

Walski used to work for a company that used its technological leadership to create new industry standards - to change the game, so to speak. It's an effective method for gaining marketshare through technological leadership and mindshare.

UMNO's methods are similar - but they pander to more baser of instincts - the yearning to line up one's pockets. But the end result sought for is the same. It's to gain voter mindshare. And get the Election Commission involved at the same time, to lend credibility.... But if being a registered voter is important enough, you really must wonder why such incentives are needed to get UMNO members to become registered voters.

Walski sees this as a novel way on UMNO's part to buy votes from within their own membership. Creative political marketing, this is - one that should PAU some votes in the coming General Elections. Whenever that may be.
(PAU, the unregistered voter dilemma, and more, in the full post)

To be fair, and all cynicism aside, Walski does remembers from the last General Assembly the revelation that a large number of UMNO members are not registered voters. Perhaps this could be the real motivation behind this move. Well, as far as Walski is concerned, as long as it comes from UMNO resources, and not public money, UMNO can do whatever the heck they want.

Come to think of it, this incentive is probably also targetted at those within the fold whom have come to view the party as being less than democratic, having barred elections of top posts except for times of succession. This is Walski thinking out loud, and not any rantings from the ground.

Whatever the reason, this incentive, plus the tie-up with the EC, is another indication that the General Elections are not too far away. Perhaps in the next 6 - 8 months or so. Parliament is currently in session, and it's not likely that polls will be called, interrupting the session in mid-stream.

Plus, as Walski had opined elsewhere, there are way too many skeletons in the closet at the moment. With the opinion rating of the government not being at its optimum (despite what the Government asks us to believe), perhaps calling for polls too soon - as in before the end of the year - may prove to be counterproductive for BN.

Walski doesn't have the typical headcount for these General Assemblies, but even with a 10,000 or so attendance, that's a butt-load of cash to give away. Just think of the massive amount of PAUs that could buy...

Walski's acronym explanatory footnote: PAU, incidentally, is a Bahasa Malaysia acronym which stands for Perhimpunan Agung UMNO (UMNO General Assembly). It also has, however, another connotation - to bundle away with, or something to that effect. PAU is also a savory or sweet steamed bread bun with filling that Walski is particularly fond of. Especially the ones from Tanjung Malim.