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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dora Goh: Released and Safe

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Update @ 1929hrs: It is with great pleasure to report that Walski is now satisfied Dora is safe and sound. Through various personal sources, Walski was informed that the information posted earlier was accurate. (see here and here, specifically), which has sources close to the family, has posted confirmation from Royson Goh (Dora's brother) that she is safe and with her family. He also thanks all the concern that has been shown over the last day and a half, during this terrible ordeal.

Respecting Dora's privacy, Walski will remove any references to unnecessary personal information that he may have posted earlier. Walski also suggests that there is no need for further digging up of information about her. She's okay, and that's the most important thing.

It is always gratifying when a missing person's incident such as this one is closed on a happy note... Now, move along, folks... there's nothing else to see...
(original posting in the full post)

Original Post:
Unconfirmed reports, via Lowyat.NET, and a couple of blogs (namely, Sai Mat Kong, and Where's My Noose, which got its info first-hand from someone who knows Dora personally) have indicated that Dora Goh Wei Wei has been released, after her family paid up a ransom of RM 3,000.

She is reportedly home safe.

Once Walski ascertains that this is indeed the case, this post will be updated. Stay tuned.