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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Missing Person: Dora Goh - Kidnapped from Glenmarie

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Walski pre-post note: This post pieces together information from various blogs that have reported on this kidnapping, plus the original e-mail that Walski got.

Image hosting by PhotobucketYesterday morning, while at work, Walski received an e-mail about this young lady's abduction. Her name, Dora Goh Wei Wei, aged 25 and 155cm tall (that's 5' 1" for you metrically challenged folk). While some blogs have carried the description that Dora has curly hair, all the pictures that Walski has seen (via her Friendster photo page) all show her with longish straight hair. Apparently (via Straight Talk) Dora had recently gotten a perm, and the available pictures of her are a little dated.

The details in the e-mail were sketchy, but did describe the car into which she was taken, as a Silver Toyota Camry, with license plate (numerics only) 7641. The particular model Camry has been described as the "boxy version", via a message posted at The People's Parliament. Haris' post also mentioned that she was abducted by 3 male individuals.

The e-mail that Walski got originated from Dora's colleague at Padini Dot Com Sdn Bhd. From Jeff Ooi's blog: "Goh was reportedly kidnapped when she was parking her car at Padini's Office in Glenmarie, Shah Alam, around 8.30am this morning." Jeff's post also described the 3 males as being of mixed races.

Varying times mentioned in various blog reports indicate that Dora was abducted sometime between 0830 and 0930 on Wednesday morning (November 28, 2007).
(more details and updates, in the full post)

Shaolin Tiger had left a comment on Jeff's post, stating that the kidnappers have contacted Dora's family, demanding a ransom. She is apparently okay, and will be released as soon as they get their money.

As this appears now to be a kidnapping incident, if you do know of Dora's whereabouts (as in where she's been held hostage), or have any information to offer, please contact one of the following:

the Police (121 from a mobile)
Dora's brother Rayson Goh [Update: contact numbers removed on Nov 29, 2007]
Khoo Kay Peng (of Straight Talk) at (012) 328-5965

In the interest of Dora's safety, do not attempt to approach where she is being held, or the vehicle if you happen to spot it. Alert the authorities at once.

Walski prays that this kidnapping ordeal will end soon, with Dora safe.