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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Offbeat Travelogue: Toilet Sex

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Walski's plea of temporary insanity forenote: You know Walski's really bored and/or disenchanted with the world when he starts to blog about crap like this. This is pretty much how you don't explain sex to a six year old...

When a

Daddy ToiletImage hosting by Photobucket

and a

Mommy ToiletImage hosting by Photobucket

who love each other very very much, get together. And start fucking their brains out...
(what happens when toilets fornicate, in the full post)

... without any birth-control measures, what you're naturally going to get is a

Baby ToiletImage hosting by Photobucket

Otherwise known as a Baby Changing Room (although the sign suggests something more like Baby Disposal).

Where you can change your babies.

Hopefully for something more practical.

The End

Walski's signage location & disclaimer footnote: The almost new KL Convention Center is where you can find all these wonderful signages. When the exhibits start to bore you, there's always these toilet signs to entertain your dreary life and fuel your imagination... No toilets, babies or janitors were hurt in the making of this post. The sign-makers pride maybe, but not much else.