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Monday, March 05, 2007

When Memes Collide

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Or converge.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe comic cosmic forces pulling the tiny strings within the sphere we call the Internet, somehow decided that Walski be tagged to do a particular meme.

Not by one, not two, but by three different persons!

Now, Walski's not very fond of these meme thingys, but what the heck... The Internet cosmic strings trio in question were Girly IT, Politikus, and Zorro - in that order.

Yeah, Walski took his time do address this convergence of memes. And as they say, a meme is a terrible thing to waste... But first, to tag another six victims.

Since this particular meme has made its rounds, there is the distinct possibility that the person(s) Walski tags may have already gotten tagged before... If so, well, dunno what the rules are in this case. So, in keeping this silliness alive, Walski hereby tags Ducky, Sharina, Marina M., The Malaysian, Lucia Lai, and Kamigoroshi. And if you've already done this one before, think of it as 6 other weird things about yourself...

On to the meme...
(6 wierd things about Walski, in the full post)

So, what are six wierd things about Walski? Let's just call 'em Wierd Walski Facts (WWF).

Image hosting by PhotobucketWhen eating anything made out of layers, Walski eats it layer by layer
The Mrs thinks this is a wierd behavior. Be it Kit-Kat bars, kuih lapis or any other food with discernible layers, Walski peels off and eats it one layer at a time. Yeah, yeah, Walksi loves to play with his food. But there's a certain strange appeal in peeling of one layer after another... don't ask why. It's just one of those inexplicable strange things about Walski.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWalski is totally colorblind
Not in the retinal sense, as in the inability to discern certain colors of the spectrum, but colorblind when it comes to people. For Walski, people are people, regardless of the color of skin, creed or racial origins. There are good people, bad people, smart people and stupid people - and they are well represented across the ethnic spectrum. Same sort of colorblindness applies to belief - Walski doesn't believe in treating people differently according to what religion (if any) they profess. Being nice to everyone is piety in itself.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWalski's blood composition
Unlike most other human beings, Walski's blood consists of 50% plasma, 40% red & white blood cells and platelets, 5% sarcasm and 5% skepticism. And it shows in real life, and sometmes on this blog. Tell Walski something, and he'll likely to ask why, why and then why somemore. Functionally, the blood is type-O. When cut, the sarcasm and skepticism evaporate immediately, leaving the rest of the blood, which will appear like anyone else's. Messy.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWalski diligently uses the turn indicator when driving and keeps to his lane
This may not be odd in the real sense, but it is far-out fucking abnormally wierd for a Malaysian driver. Or at least the 90% of whom Walski encounters while driving - cops and JPJ included. Must be in the blood. The only time Walski doesn't keep to his lane is when it is obstructed (usually by inconveniently placed roadworks with no advance warning, or inconveniently placed road workers).

Image hosting by PhotobucketIngests fruits he eats - totally
Give Walski any pulpous or seeded fruit (particularly oranges, grapes, starfruit and even mangosteens), Walski will most likely swallow everything, apart from the skin. There are, of course, exceptions, like seeds that are too big to swallow, such as those of durians, or mangoes. Anything small enough to swallow, generally will be ingested. Because of the high amount of fiber in his diet, Walski is also impervious to verbal bullets, dogmatic criticisms and general rantings/complaints without basis. Lead bullets will kill anyone, Walski included - except on nights when there's a full moon.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe first 3 digits of Walski's car registration and mobile phone numbers are identical
Not by choice or on purpose, but purely a case of comic cosmic forces at work. And the number is the house number of the neighbor of the Beast. This probably explains why certain people find Walski a little demonic, unable to comprehend the real persona because their dogma has eatan up their ability to reason properly. Walski's karma, however, will run over anyone's dogma any 'ol day...

So, there... six things you probably never knew about Walski. Now, aren't you glad you finally know?

Oh, and please, please, pretty, pretty please... in the future, unless you are absolutely desperate, kindly refrain from sending anymore memes this way. It will either take its own sweet time getting posted, or totally disappear into the darkest abyss of myAsylum...

And if Harry S. Truman were alive today, he'd probably say "the meme stops here".