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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New poll: Ministerial attacks on bloggers

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Image taken from, hosting by PhotobucketA new opinion poll is up folks, and this time Walski wants to know your thoughts about the recent spate of anti-blog political rhetoric. Today, our favorite MoP (Minister of Propaganda) has joined the fray of ministers and deputy ministers to "warn" the mainstream media about giving blogs credibility, as relayed by both Rocky and The Malaysian.

So what think you? We'll keep the poll up till the end of this month, and then, as usual, discuss the results.

Is it Walski's eyes, or does the moon look like it has a slight tinge of green?
(poll platform techie notes, in the full post)

Walski's decided to try using another poll provider this time around (hat-tip: Freeluch2020). While works and does the job (albeit with some format problems), Vizu's presentation looks more solid and it's got some nice features, too, like the ability for you to leave comments, or change your vote.

If you have an online poll provider of choice you'd like to turn Walski on to, do leave a comment to this post. Walski's always looking out for good blog/web tools to incorporate into myAsylum. Keeps the site fresh and dynamic...

Update @ March 22, 1347: Just a quick update to explain one of the poll choices - paradigms shifting without a clutch. The pharase originates from an old Dilbert comic strip. Imagine yourself driving a stick-shift automobile (i.e. manual transmission car), and you shift gears without engaging the clutch. What you get is a painful, crunching sound, which is essentially your gearbox telling you, "Ouch, that hurts" followed by a string of obscenities only understood by mechanical contraptions. Similarly, when paradigms shift, and if you're either clueless as to how/why, or worse, when they shift without warning (usually a combination of the two), what results is disasterous behavior on the part of the clueless. Capisce?