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Friday, March 02, 2007

Mamak! Conspiracy satu!

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Image hosting by PhotobucketThe Bitches are back...

Walski got the notification from the good folks at Disarseter Records. After some trials, tribulations and remixing, the album has finally been released.

The CD costs RM 20 a pop and can be obtained from the following music outlets:
► Pertama Complex - Acoustic Music
► Campbell Complex - Auntie Shop
► Campbell Complex - Perfect Music
► Central Market Annex - Ricecooker Shop

For your song sampling pleasure, Ben's Bitches, incidentally, has provided streaming audio of the tracks from the album, and even selected downloads, on their MySpace website.

Recently, lyrics from a previous album, National Disservice, got special mention in Harian Metro in a not very youth-friendly piece.
(the critics speak, and more, in the full post)

“Mereka menyalahgunakan bahasa dengan menggunakan bahasa rojak dan lucah. Lagu seperti ini boleh merosakkan moral dan akidah pendengar,” katanya.
- Pelajar, Fadzliana Abd Kassim, 16
[Their obscene Malay vernacular is a misuse of the language. Songs like these (Berbulu) can damage the morals and faith of the listeners]

“Muzik yang dimainkan menarik tetapi lirik yang digunakan tidak sesuai didengar terutama kanak-kanak. Malah, lagu ini mempersendakan bahasa kebangsaan kita selain dinyanyikan dengan penuh ghairah,” katanya.
- Pelajar, Nurul Farhana Daud, 19

[Their musical arrangments are interesting, but their lyrics are inapproriate, particularly for children. In addition to that, this song (Berbulu), sung so passionately, pokes fun at and insults our national language]

"lagu seperti itu hanya mencemarkan imej dan bahasa kebangsaan serta merosakkan tamadun Melayu."
- Pengarah Jabatan Bahasa, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP), Noresah Baharom

[Songs like that (Berbulu) only damage the our national image and language. In addition to that, they damage the Malay Civilization]

Sounds like the attack of the language police again. Well, all the more reason to get your copy ASAP before it gets banned, since banning has been the authorities' favorite suppression tool of late.

More information can be gotten from Disarseter Records' home page, particulary how you can also obtain a copy via mail order.

Once Walski gets a chance to listen to the album, myAsylum will very likely post a review. And who knows, if Disarseter is keen, Walski was even thinking of a contest, with real prizes...