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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Eye

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Nope, this post has absolutely nothing to do with the 2002 Hong Kong horror flick, or the Hollywood remake scheduled for this year.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe Eye on Malaysia - one eye to view them all...
(photo credit: Amir Bonafonté)

It's the latest tourist attraction soon to be opened to folks visiting Kuala Lumpur - the giant ferris wheel at Titiwangsa Lake Gardens. It has been dubbed "The Eye on Malaysia", and is scheduled to be officially "launched" this Saturday, January 6, 2007.

Interesting that they should call it "The Grand Launch"... it's not like the damn thing is going anywhere. At least, Walski hopes that it doesn't launch itself...

The photo above was taken by the handsomely too-cute Amir Bonafonté, across the lake from the ferris wheel, on New Year's Eve. Thanks for the pix, Amir. So it looks like all systems go for the launch this weekend...
(more about The Eye in the full post)

Conceptually similar to the London Eye (or Millenium Wheel), The Eye on Malaysia is roughly about half the size of it's London sibling, standing at approximately 60 meters in height (versus the 135 m height of the London Eye), with 32 gondolas, each accomodating 8 passengers. So far, no indication of the ticket price has been released (to the best of Walski's knowledge).

It will give visitors a nice view of the Kuala Lumpur skyline, as reported in The Star article linked to above. But it really will depend on how clear the skies are. Hopefully, we won't get the annual mid-year Haze-Out this time around.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWalski is certain that this latest attraction will add a new dimension to the Kuala Lumpur experience that we can all be proud of. The Eye on Malaysia is part of the Titiwangsa Lake Gardens redevelopment project, in preparation for Visit Malaysia Year 2007, which began yesterday.

The big question, however is how to get there easily. To Walski's knowledge the only forms of public transportation available to get to Titiwangsa Lake Gardens is either by bus or taxi. But Walski's sure someone's probably already thought of this small predicament - right?

And speaking of VMY 2007, here's hoping that we all do our individual bit to ensure that it is a success. You can start by being friendly to your neighbors, and to people you meet everyday - tourist or not. Even if you don't contribute to the tourism dollars, an added friendly Malaysian contributes to the esthetics of our nation. Isn't it more pleasant to be around friendly, smiling people?

Meanwhile, Walski will try to have a personal look at the gargantuan ferris wheel sometime this week, and maybe even provide a visual report. Stay tuned...