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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Oh, and by the way...

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Happy New Year 2014 netizens! 

Rumor has it that this is going to be a tough year. And when times get tough, sometimes we have to take tough measures. Most of all, hang in there, and don't give up the good fight.

Or at least that's what Walski told himself when the clock struck midnight...
(more New Year thoughts, in the full post)

For revelers at Dataran Merdeka last night, 2014 started with a major fizzle: celebrations were pretty much called off (via The Malay Mail Online). Apparently, this was done due to "unruly protesters", said our police force, who promptly "found" machetes and a very dangerous looking umbrella.

Image from The Malay Mail Online, by Zurairi ARclick on image to read the story (via The Malay Mail Online)

Yes, folks - no self-respecting revolution would let itself happen without an umbrella. Or at least that's what PDRM would have you believe. And apart from the deficits this country faces financially, the trust deficit doesn't seem to have improved, because Walski has seen comments about this 'recovery' being standard police SOP.

But at least the water cannons and riot squad didn't show up, so be thankful for small mercies.

As for Walski, the Mrs and him ushered in 2014 in a joyous, quiet celebration with a group of close friends. While we remain somewhat apprehensive about what the year will bring, what with the constant news about rising prices and all, we remain optimistic.

Indications are that things will start to get a lot tougher February onwards, after Chinese New Year. But it's the tough times that help build character - as difficult as times can be, we can choose to succumb, or choose to adapt and make the best of what life still has to offer.

Just remember: when facing the clouds in life, don't forget to look for the silver linings. They're there. Not always obvious, but if you look hard enough you'll find them.

And so with cautious optimism, Walski wishes one and all a very Happy New Year  2014. Have faith in yourself, and you'll weather whatever storm the year has in store. That's what Walski will constantly be reminding himself each and every day this year…