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Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's all explained in ONE word...

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In the quiet shadows, Walski has been following what’s become of this nation of once great potential. And suffice it to say, what he’s observed is not pleasing one single bit.

Disquiet in the quiet, so to speak.

On the one hand, the ruling BN coalition is pulling out every single conceivable (and sometimes inconceivably ludicrous) ploy from their now dog-eared playbook, to the point of stating that at least what we have now, no matter how decrepit, is at least familiar.

Never mind that we’ve pretty much become 1FascistMalaysia. Fascism is good if it’s familiar. That’s the bullshit we’re being forced-fed. And suffice it to say, Walski doesn’t like it one single bit. Not a fucking molecule of it.

And then, on the other hand, just about everyone, and their pet amphibian, who has an iota of an inkling of Islamic credentials, is pushing for hudud.

“Oh, my hudud is better than your hudud. Your hudud is false-hudud, mine is God-ordained. You’re going to Hell if you implement your hudud; my hudud gets us to Heaven…”

Okay, maybe in not so many words, but you get the idea.

Well newsflash numbnuts…. the only good hudud is no hudud.

Exactly what shithole, God-forsaken nation do you aspire Malaysia to become, pray tell? Somalia? Afghanistan? Iran? Exactly what model of a despotic state do you have in mind when you dream your wet dreams at night?

Assuming you pro-hudud types can comprehend English, The Malaysian Insider published a really intelligent article on this issue (written by Dr. Ahmad Farouk Musa, director of the Islamic Renaissance Front), and in it we see why, in the case of Malaysia, a secular democracy is the ONLY system that ensures justice for ALL Malaysians.

Never mind that our Federal Constitution does not allow for it. Too much detail to derail your wet-dream fantasy, is it? Well, continue to spew your pro-hudud rhetoric, because in a nutshell, that’s about all that it will ever amount to – a lot of hot air.

Sheesh… Seriously, between the two, Walski can honestly almost bring himself to stick his head in a gas oven, turn the knob to ‘Cremate’, and light the burner…

There is one word in the English language that pretty much sums up how Walski feels about what’s happening to Malaysia. And extrapolating a little from there, pretty much describes how he is starting to view life in Malaysia generally.

No thanks, of course, to the nimrods on the one hand, and the Oxygen-deprived dickheads on the other.
(and the word is…. in the full post)

Well, if you've been observant, and bothered to look at a clue Walski included above, you'd have already guessed what that word is. But if not, Walski invites these aged rockers of yore to enlighten you...

Walski’s never really been a big Aerosmith fan. But you have to admit that they’ve written some pretty powerful lyrics during their long career.

And in one word, they manage to explain how Walski’s been feeling for quite a while now.

Yes, Walski is JADED.

He’s jaded with how Malaysians are now expected to honor and revere STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE. And how the more ludicrous and nonsensical the argument, the more reverence that’s demanded of us.

Walski has about had enough with the race and religion baiting that’s being perpetrated by the political grassroots, primarily those of the UMNO persuasion. Do you imbeciles know how desperate you look? Malaysia must really be suffering from severe brain-drain if you lot are the cream of the crop future leaders of this country. And incidentally, scum also rises to the top, not just cream.

Yes, Walski is JADED.

Despite what the “statistics” say, crime is on the increase. No, it’s not just a perception, as we’ve been forced to believe. Walski has a real friend who really had her car smashed into while stopped at a traffic light, and had her handbag snatched (fortunately she didn’t suffer anything more than the hassle of getting important thing replaced). Walski may be a lot of things, but he certainly isn’t delusional, nor does he have imaginary friends.

And if this letter written to the Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) is accurate, we are being lied to about the country’s crime situation. Walski doesn’t know about you, but he doesn’t like being lied to. In fact, he fucking hates it.

Remember the phrase Mark Twain popularized?

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."
(source: Wikipedia)

The devil is in the details, and the details, apparently, involve creative crime classification. The letter to the CPI is definitely an interesting read, and if true, explains why our “perception” paint a totally different picture from what’s officially being reported.

Oh, and did Walski mention that he’s JADED?

Then, there’s religion. More and more things seem to be halal-ized, whether or not it’s necessary. Granted, the majority view is that beer is not halal (there is at least one minority opinion that states it is not entirely forbidden). But does that mean the word ‘beer’ is haram as well?

That WTF moment when you realize even labels need to be kosher
(click here for source)

Seriously, do you think you make Islam more attractive by making it more restrictive and prohibitive of this, that and the other? Think about it. Oh, Walski forgot… the pious aren’t allowed to think, only follow…

Yes, boys and girls, Walski is JADED.


The above are but some examples of why Walski says he’s JADED. And by the looks of it, things aren’t going to get any better. Not for the lack of trying, on the part of concerned citizens, though.

Earlier today, Anas Zubedy announced a Say Something Nice campaign, targeted to run between August 31st and September 16th.

You can find out exactly what the campaign is all about via Anas’ blog posting, but in a nutshell it is one man’s attempt to make everyone’s mood better. By saying something nice when you Facebook-post, tweet, blog, etc.

Will it work? Best not ask Walski that question right now. Not when he’s feeling JADED. But it’s a positive attempt. There – Walski said something nice. Happy?

Truth is (and it’s an ugly, inconvenient truth), while it’s nice to be positive and all, that’s not going to change the underlying rot that’s the real root cause of our national woes. Not much anyway. It’s a rot that’s been slowly festering for a long, long time. So much so that it would take a lot more than just smiling, and saying nice things, to heal that rot.

Perhaps invasive surgery to yank the rotting cancer out of our collective national soul would be a better option. Bonus if the surgeon smiles while he slices and dices. And says something nice about the rot in the process.

And you get the chance to play surgeon – GE13 will be coming our way anytime over the next 6 to 8 months.

In the last line of his posting, Dr. Mahathir wrote, “Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t(which was later picked up by The Malaysian Insider). Yes, change brings uncertainty, and (some) change cannot happen overnight – unless you’re a stupidly optimistic person, you will realize that these are real-world realities about change.

To Walski, the 25-point posting by our esteemed former PM is nothing much more than a desperate attempt to sugar-coat a terminally ill and dying Barisan Nasional as an entity that’s able to take Malaysia to the next level.

Next level down closer to Hell on Earth maybe, but certainly not to the next level of positive development, to be a nation par excellence.

Is it better to live out this life with a familiar mediocrity, rather than take a chance for possible excellence? With all due respect, Dr. M, Walski has to say, courteously, Fuck No.

Dr. Mahathir is, of course, entitled to state his opinion. That’s his right. Doesn’t mean we have to swallow it wholesale. Like many Malaysians Walski knows.

And perhaps that’s the problem with this country – the general ineptitude to  critically analyze, and to accept wholesale what a political leader friendly to one’s own persuasion has to say.

Compound that by 27 million, and you still wonder why Walski’s feeling JADED?