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Saturday, March 24, 2012

LGBT: A scare of ridiculomendous proportions

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If you've been following the news of late, particularly the Malay language media, Malaysia is apparently under threat from this “menace” known as LGBT.

No, not Legless Goats Bleating Terrifyingly – which admittedly would be somewhat scary – but a section of our community, collectively known as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender.

No specifics as to exactly why LGBT is so threatening, apart from making some people insecure (more on that later), but yeah, we’re apparently under threat.

The government needs to create a “homosexual rehabilitation centre” to combat the phenomenon in Malaysia, according to Barisan Nasional MP who today claimed 30 per cent of Malaysian men were gay.

According to a Bernama Online report, Datuk Baharum Mohamad (BN-Sekijang) said in Parliament today that this was to aid those with homosexual tendencies or engaged in same-sex relationships to stop such behaviour.

“We have to find a solution to combat these activities from getting rampant just like the efforts we take to combat drugs,” Baharum said.

A study has found that, right now, three out of 10 men in Malaysia are gay. This is scary.”

It is unclear what study the lawmaker was citing when he made his address.
(source: The Malaysian Insider)

Well, Walski did a bit of poking around and found out what “study” the MP was referring to. Essentially, it was a statement by a counselor named Hushim Hashim that was published (presumably) in Mingguan Malaysia a couple of weekends back.

And the findings of this “study” are indeed shocking...
(using stupidity to shock and awe ridiculously, in the full post)

All Walski could find was a scanned newspaper clipping. And he’s taken the liberty of transcribing (and translating, in this color) what this so-called expert had to say.

Ancaman lesbian, gay, biseksual dan transgender (LGBT) kini menjadi barah dalam masyarakat apabila penularan budaya songsang itu meningkat mendadak khususnya dalam kalangan penuntut institusi pengajian tinggi.

The threat of LGBT has now become a cancer in society since its prevalence has increased tremendously, particularly among students in institutions of higher learning.

Perkara ini didedahkan Kaunselor Berdaftar, Hushim Salleh (gambar) yang telah mengendali dan memberi terapi kaunseling kepada lebih 1,000 golongan LGBT yang ingin kembali ke pangkal jalan sejak 20 tahun lalu.

This was revealed by Hushim Salleh (pictured), a Registered Counselor, who has facilitated and provided counseling therapy to more than 1,000 LGBT who have wanted to repent their ways, for the past 20 years.

Paling mengejutkan, berdasarkan kajian beliau hasil pengakuan bekas-bekas golongan LGBT, daripada 10 lelaki di negara ini, tiga adalah gay.

More shocking, based on his research through the confessions of former LGBT, three out of 10 men in this country are gay.

Mereka ini golongan split identity (pelbagai identiti) iaitu sebelah pagi dia boleh jadi imam kemudian tengah hari meliwat orang.

They are individuals with split personality, who in the morning can become 'imams', then sodomize people in the afternoon.

Berdasarkan pengakuan golongan ini, mereka mendakwa bahawa daripada 10 lelaki, tiga adalah gay. Ini tidak termasuk pondan dan lesbian. Sebab itu, saya harap semua pihak jangan pandang remeh benda ini.

Based on their confessions, they allege that out of 10 men, three are gay. And this doesn't include effeminate men and lesbians. Because of this, I hope everyone doesn't take this lightly.
(source: Newspaper clipping obtained from Minta Tolong!)

So let's get this straight – 3 out of 10 men in Malaysia are gay? Doing the math, that would translate to around 42 male BN Members of Parliament being gay (there are 127 in total), and also 21 Pakatan Rakyat and 2 Independent male MPs! Shocked? You should be, particularly at the blatantly pseudoscientific methodology used to derive the figure of 30%.

Which, if you think about it, isn’t all that surprising, considering what this same “expert” had to say in another article published in – you guessed it – Utusan Malaysia (translation by myAsylum, in this color).

Dari segi ilmu kaunseling memang benar orang yang terlibat dengan budaya LGBT adalah orang sakit. Mereka sebenarnya sakit jiwa walaupun dikurnia mental yang bijak. Kalau jati diri kita tetap, tarikan pada jantina berbeza tetapi orang macam ini tidak. Gay ini pula terbahagi kepada tiga golongan iaitu homoseksual, heteroseksual dan biseksual.

From the angle of counseling knowledge, it is true that people involved with the LGBT culture are sick. They actually suffer from mental illness although bestowed with intelligent mentality. If their self-esteem is strong, the attraction is to the opposite sex, but not so with people like these. Gays are divided into three groups: homosexuals, heterosexuals and bisexuals.

Homoseksual dia memberi dan menerima. kebanyakan terdiri daripada lelaki-lelaki macho. Heteroseksual pula hanya memberi sahaja manakala biseksual paling bahaya kerana mereka tidak pernah puas dan boleh berada dimana-mana sahaja dalam masyarakat. Gay adalah manusia yang paling susah dikesan kerana mereka berperwatakan seperti sesumpah.

Homosexuals "give" and "receive". Most are macho men. Heterosexuals only "give", while bisexuals are the most dangerous because they are never satisfied and can be anywhere within society. Gays are very difficult to detect, because the are chameleons in their character.
(source: Utusan Malaysia)

Walski honestly doesn’t know from which dark, deep, God-forsaken abyss this guy’s “counseling knowledge” comes from, but since heterosexuals are also gay, doesn’t that mean EVERYBODY’s gay?

So if that’s the case, what the hell is the big deal?

You know what Walski thinks, though? This recent ultra-focus on LGBT is a ploy. Not the Baldrick kind of “cunning plan” ploy, but something more basic and political in nature.

It’s no accident that Utusan has been on the offensive. A quick look at the NGOs also on the forefront of combatting this “menace” indicates that they’re mostly UMNO-friendly. NGOs such as JMM and Perkasa.

An UMNO MP recently mooted in Parliament that gay rehabilitation centers need to be set up. And of course, at the end of the day, only Muslim LGBT will be persecuted, according to another UMNO she-warrior. After all, in case you didn’t already realize it, we live in a 1Apartheid nation.

The ploy, in Walski’s opinion, is to divert attention from more serious issues, such as corruption, abuse of power and misuse of public funds, all of which have been, of late, dogging the UMNO-led BN-constituted federal government of the day.

Think about this: if Seksualiti Merdeka had not made the mistake of inviting Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan to be the keynote speaker, do you think anyone would have batted an eyelid? And believe Walski when he says this: Ambiga sends shivers down the spines of these UMNOphiliacs, with what had been achieved with Bersih 2.0, whether they want to admit it or not.

Incidentally, Walski is not the only one who thinks that this is a ploy to divert attention, going by the snide posting this past Thursday by fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Well, Walski’s advise to Malaysians, particularly you Melayu fellers who think that UMNO is the best thing since the invention of nasi lemak, DO NOT BE FOOLED. JANGAN TERTIPU.

Without a shadow of a doubt, LGBT will be used as a MAJOR election issue by UMNO, in the hopes that you don’t focus on what will really destroy this nation: corruption, blatant misuse of public funds, loss of human capital to other lands, inefficiency, and of course, institutionalized discrimination.

Do you really have to wonder why Malaysia is slow to ratify UN resolutions against all forms of discrimination? We bloody thrive on it, that’s why – discrimination, part of the modus operandi that keeps those holding the reins of power entrenched.

And in keeping with this important core competency, LGBT is made into a big, threatening issue. It is once again the use of discrimination to plant irrational fears into a populace that has been programmed to accept any form of bullshit as long as it’s bullshit from the right people.

What this anti-LGBT campaign will achieve, in Walski’s opinion is more homophobia, more hate, and yes, more discrimination. 

LGBT will not bankrupt or destroy this nation, but corruption and abuse certainly will.

Open your eyes, moist robots, and do what’s right – ignore these creeps who want nothing more than to turn this great nation into a self-righteous wasteland devoid of any reason to be part of the world citizenry.

As Walski’s parting shot dedicated to those who think that Malaysians are stupid enough to buy your crap, he leaves you with this well-known classic ditty…

And he certainly hopes you don't get fooled by this ridiculomendous initiative of hate cultivation either...

Walski’s etymologically made up footnote: In case you can’t find the word ridiculomendous (and in all likelihood you won’t) in any dictionary online or off, it is a word made up by Walski. It essentially is a concatenation of the words ridiculous and tremendous, and can mean either one of two things: ridiculously tremendous, or tremendously ridiculous.

For the purposes of this particular post, the latter meaning is intended. But you probably already knew that, didn't you?