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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Opinion Poll: What will define 2012?

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As promised in the posting from earlier today, it’s poll time once again at myAsylum. And long overdue it is (the last poll was posted in July 2011).

Being that we’re just into 2012, Walski wants to get a feel for what y’all think will define the year.

He’s provided a few suggestions, but you’re free to add your own.

If you look through the list that Walski’s included in the poll, you’ll notice that he’s omitted the repeal of the Internal Security Act (ISA).

Not that he doesn’t think it’s important, but based on the precedent set in 2011 with the (Prevention of) Peaceful Assembly Bill, what replaces the ISA may not be something to particularly look forward to.

But like he mentioned earlier, feel free to add it if you think that the repeal of the ISA will be something that defines 2012. After all, that’s what the ‘Other’ option is for. 
(poll details, and more, in the full post)

The choices that Walski’s actually put up are those he thinks may be some of the defining moments that 2012 will have in store. Like the Anwar Ibrahim verdict announcement expected on January 9.

Many are of the opinion that the verdict is a foregone conclusion, that the former Deputy PM will be found guilty. Again. On similar charges as he was found guilty of many years ago.

UMNO will undoubtedly be banking on a guilty verdict, as Anwar Ibrahim is one figure they’d rather have out of the way when it comes time for the next General Elections.

Which brings us to the other choice Walski’s put up – the next GE, which many expect will be called sometime this year. But a report by The Malaysian Insider indicates that GE13 will be called later, as opposed to sooner, in the year. With the recent revelations of the Cowgate and Zakatgate (possible) scandals, this doesn’t come as a very big surprise.

Will there be more BN-related scandals revealed this year? That’s another possibility that Walski’s put up as a poll choice.

And finally, Perkasa’s continued race-baiting – will we see more and more of this, and will it make an impact on defining 2012? Frankly, the less of them we hear the better, but like dandruff, they never fail to make their presence felt – like an itchy scalp – when the opportunity presents itself.

Granted they’re thoroughly tiresome, Walski’s pretty sure that there’s more vitriol in Perkasa left, and we haven’t heard the last of them.

So, which of these do you think will define 2012? Or do you think that it will be something else? Do tell.

As with previous polls, Walski’s made sure that the poll is shareable, either via Blogger or Wordpress blogs, quite easily. Let him know if you need the codes if your website is based on something other than these two platforms.

The poll will be open until midnight, January 15, so do let Walski know what your thoughts are on this. Granted it’s really early in the year, but sometimes what defines the year is discernible very early on…