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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Saying No to 1Apartheid

It's about damned time a Muslim spoke up against the latest hudud hubbub that seems to have taken grip. And this piece by Zainah Anwar does just that. In fact, you could say that Zainah dishes it out good, in spades.

There's a big misconception that this hudud thing (to Walski a pre-cursor to turning this nation into an Islamic state) is accepted by all Muslims. The truth is that many who disagree to not dare speak out, in fear of being labeled this, that and the other.

To begin with, Walski thinks that this latest spate of hudud-talk is really a non-issue, being played up primarily for political reasons - just follow the stale cookie trail, and you'll probably draw the same conclusion.

Meanwhile, enjoy Zainah's tirade... it's about damned time, too.

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No hudud please, we’re Malaysians

ARE our politicians plain bad, crazy or stupid? In this divisive, corrosive, cynical political climate of ours, if I were the Opposition, I would jump and present my party as the party of first and obvious choice for the electorate.

I would have not only welcomed the Prime Minister’s bold announcements in repealing those repressive laws and states of emergency, I would also up the ante and begin a public debate on how we as citizens should exercise and enjoy our Constitutional guarantees of fundamental liberties.

I would be planning over the next few months on how to build public opinion to hold the Government accountable and ensure that whatever alternative national security or public order laws that might emerge will uphold my fundamental freedoms.

I would want to make it politically very costly for the Government if it falls short or back-pedal on the promises of democratic reform it has made.

Instead, what do we get? An offer of the hudud law and its grim serving of chopped-off Muslim hands and feet, and stoning to death! What kind of future is that?

And we have politicians, who supposedly hold the mantle of leadership, who simply and continually miss the point.

“It’s okay to implement the hudud law because it doesn’t affect non-Muslims.” So it’s okay for Muslims to be brutalised?